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Update as of January 12, 2024

Our goal is to guide you towards engaging with Bizhack Kenya’s journalism and products that resonate with you. To achieve this, we tailor aspects of your online interaction by suggesting options influenced by your activities on our sites and apps, such as your reading, listening, or viewing history. We prioritize your privacy, and you can learn more about this in our privacy policy.

1. Could you explain what “personalize” means and how it’s implemented?

We adapt the content we show you by considering what we know about your interests on Bizhack Kenya’s platforms. This includes the articles you’ve read, newsletters you’re subscribed to, columnists you follow, products you’ve bookmarked, and games you’ve played. Your interaction with our sites and apps is a key indicator of the Bizhack journalism and products that might interest you.

Our personalizing methods vary from avoiding showing you content you’ve already seen to employing algorithms for suggesting new content. We apply these methods in various areas, including article pages and email newsletters, but always maintain a consistent editorial perspective on the day’s most crucial news. We do not personalize the actual text of an article.

2. Why do you personalize my online experience with Bizhack Kenya?

We publish numerous stories daily, and we recognize that you might miss out on some that could interest you. Personalizing your experience helps highlight the content you might enjoy, keeps you informed about your areas of interest, and aids in your understanding of global events. For instance, if you often read about adventure travel, we’re more likely to suggest similar content.

However, our methods aren’t flawless, and we continually strive to enhance your personalized Bizhack experience. We welcome your input to help us improve.

3. What information do you use to tailor content?

We use your reading history (content you’ve viewed on our website, apps, and emails), geographic location (from country to metro area, possibly including zip code), and your expressed interests (like topics you’ve followed) to shape our recommendations.

4. How do you decide which stories to recommend to me?

Our editorial team plays a crucial role in personalizing your Bizhack experience. They guide our product, engineering, and design teams to ensure personalization aligns with our editorial mission of informing you about global events. They also select content eligible for personalization and how it incorporates editorial judgment. Lastly, they review data and user feedback on our personalizing efforts to ensure they support our journalistic mission and meet your expectations.

We also employ various algorithms we’ve developed for promoting stories and frequently test new methods to help you find interesting content. Often, our algorithms identify common themes in your reading history and suggest similar topics or articles popular among users with similar interests.

5. How can I share my thoughts on your tailoring efforts?

Your feedback is invaluable, and we encourage you to share your thoughts with us here.