How to Sambaza Safaricom Credit– Updated Version 2022

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Mar 22, 2022
How to sambaza safaricom credit

Last updated on January 8th, 2023 at 10:52 am

Are you wondering how you can sambaza Safaricom credit or airtime or internet bundles from one another to another Safaricom number?

Well, in this post I will show exactly how to do that in 5 simple ways.

One simple way is using USSD codes, another way is using the Safaricom toolkit menu or directly through the Safaricom app.

However, you can also sambaza safaricom credit by sending a written text message with the amount and the recipient’s number to the shortcode 140.

Also, remember to write the message in the format ( amount# recipient’s number) for example if the number is 0700000289, its format will be as follows Kes 40(amount)#0700000289 to 140 and click “ok” or “send”

Sambaza airtime is a service that allows its users to transfer or share their airtime and internet bundles with other users.

However, one can only send or share their amount starting from Kes 5 to Kes 10,000 as the maximum airtime transfer in a day.

Also, keep in mind that after sending your airtime to another subscriber you cannot reverse that amount. So it’s always important to copy the right number.

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Here are the steps to Sambaza Safaricom airtime from one number to another number

Step 1: Sambaza Safaricom airtime using USSD codes

These are the simplest and most common ways you can use to sambaza or transfer your airtime.

Safaricom USSD Code *100#

  • Head over to the default phone app
  • Dial (* )symbol, followed by number ‘100’ then (#) symbol
  • Click or tap call
  • On the options displayed, select “products and services”
  • Select the “Okoa/Sambaza/Please Call Me” option
  • Next, Choose the “Sambaza Airtime” option
  • Now, you will be asked to enter the phone number of the recipient/ number you wish to transfer credit
  • Lastly, enter your preferred amount and press “Send or Ok”

Safaricom USSD Code *140*amount*number#

  • Open your default phone app
  • Dial (*) symbol, followed by the number 140 then (*)
  • Followed by the amount you prefer to send, add another (*) symbol, dial the number you wish to send airtime then tap/click (#) symbol for example ( *140*30*0700000289#)
  • Press the call button to complete sending
  • You will receive a notification message if the airtime has been sent

Safaricom USSD Code *456#

  • Open your phone app, dial *456#, and press the call button on the screen
  • Select on “Okoa/ Sambaza/Please Call Me” option
  • Select “Sambaza Airtime” Option
  • Proceed, entering the recipient’s number and click “Ok Or Send”
  • Enter your preferred amount and click send

Step 2: Sambaza Airtime using SMS

To transfer airtime using SMS you need to follow these steps:

  • Head over to the Message app
  • Click on “Start Chat” or “New Message”
  • Key in this number “140” code you will send the message to
  • Outline your message in the format ( amount# number of the recipient) for example– 20#0700000289 and then click send
  • You will be notified if the airtime has been sent

Step 3: Sambaza Airtime Using mySafaricom App


To transfer credit using the mySafaricom app you will do the following:

  • Open mySafaricom app on your Pc
  • Head over to the bottom right on the app click or tap “Buy Airtime”
  • Choose ” Other”
  • Next, Enter the phone number you want to send airtime to
  • You can also choose the recipients number from your saved contacts by hitting/tapping the search icon on the app
  • Next, write the amount you want to send
  • Click on ” Next”
  • A pop will appear on the screen asking for your verification
  • Click SEND

These are the three steps to follow when you want to transfer airtime from one Safaricom user to another user. But if you have another way how to sambaza Safaricom credit, make sure to include it in the comment below and I’ll add it to my list.