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About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to inform, inspire and empower people around the world through trusted, original and engaging content and experiences. That’s why we publish original journalism and produce lifestyle content that is creative and fun, while consistently breaking news on politics and business.

We want to create a world of information and empathy. We’re building the largest, most engaged independent online community reporting on what matters in the world and how it affects your life—from pop culture to politics, lifestyle, entertainment, and more.

Our inclusive community

We believe that all readers matter, not just the ones who are the most like us. We approach stories thoughtfully and with empathy, not cynicism. We pledge to listen to our readers and emulate their values. Readers who are women, trans, queer, non-white, and people of color are welcome here. Every story is written in an inclusive tone.

Our standards, corrections, and disclosures

Bizhack strives to present readers with accurate and comprehensive information promptly. Bizhack sources its content to the best of its ability and makes sure that readers get the whole story.

In the interest of fairness and transparency, Bizhack has adopted a policy of granting anonymity to sources who might otherwise be deterred from coming forward to share their information with us.

Our policy is not to grant anonymity to people who are seeking to hide their wrongdoing or embarrassment.

Bizhack corrects any factual errors as soon as possible. We note corrections at the bottom of stories to indicate what has changed, and more prominent notices may be included for more serious errors. We’ll only retract an article after careful review by a senior editor has found it to have significant flaws, and we’ll always issue an editor’s note explaining the changes.

At Bizhack, we make it clear when an article is paid to advertise and disclose any potential conflicts of interest.

About our topics

Our blog covers topics related to the following sections:

  • Business
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  • Finance
  • Investment
  • Learning
  • Technology
  • Biography( soon to be included)

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