Brand Usage

This document outlines the brand guidelines for Bizhack Kenya to ensure the consistency and quality of its brand name and logo across various platforms and partner channels.

Bizhack Kenya owns the following Bizhack Kenya logos exclusively, which are to be used in the US and other countries. The presence or absence of a Bizhack Kenya trademark logo on this list does not affect any of Bizhack Kenya’s rights to such a trademark or logo. Bizhack Kenya reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to add or remove marks from this list at any time.

Usage: Company Name

Use The name “Bizhack Kenya” serves as both our business name and a trademark for our products and services. When using the name to refer to the business, “Bizhack Kenya” can be used as a noun without the ® symbol. For example, “Bizhack Kenya launched a new product line.”

Logo Colour: The document below shows the proper way of adjusting the colour of Bizhack Kenya logo and submark logo on different backgrounds.

Submark Logo Placement: The Bizhack Kenya submark logo can be used as an independent entity. If it is used together with the original logo, the submark logo should be positioned either on the left or above the Bizhack Kenya text.

Trademarks Are Not To Be Altered: You are not permitted to alter or modify any of Bizhack Kenya’s trademarks or logos without its express consent.

bizhack Kenya logo
bizhack logo