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Metropolitan National Sacco Membership Eligibility & Requirements

ByElizabeth Atieno

Oct 5, 2023
Metropolitan National Sacco

A Sacco is not merely a financial institution; it is a lifeline, a community, and an instrument of empowerment. With deep roots in Kenyan society, Saccos have emerged as a beacon of hope for individuals and communities, offering a path to financial stability and prosperity. So, let’s talk about Metropolitan National Sacco, how you can be a member, and the different services and products you can get.

Metropolitan National Sacco was founded in the year 1977. It is a Deposit-taking SACCO licensed and regulated by the SACCO Societies Regulatory Authority (SASRA).  The core business of the Sacco is to primarily empower members financially through the provision of unique, progressive, and innovative services ranging from but not limited to competitive savings products, flexible loans, and investment vehicles.

Metropolitan National Sacco has a Membership of over one hundred (100) thousand from the entire country and drawn from Teachers Service Commission (TSC), Government Ministries, Parastatals, Kenya Defence Forces (KDF), National Police Service, Public and Private Universities, Colleges, Academies and the private sector among others.

In the year 2018, the SASRA report ranked it as the 6th largest SACCO in asset base nationally currently with an asset base of 14.8 billion.

Metropolitan National Sacco Objectives

Metropolitan National Sacco has the following broad objectives:-

  • Promotion of individual and group investment initiatives by acting as a financial intermediary to serve their needs.
  • Surveying and fulfilling members’ needs
  • Development and maintenance of necessary public relations with private organizations, and national and intermediate co-operative organizations.
  • Development and promotion of an individual strong human resource base both at the technical and leadership levels.
  • Keeping up to date with the relevant technology
  • Dissemination of information concerning Sacco operations to all Sacco members.
  • Expanding the existing products and services as may be necessary to meet members’ needs

Who is eligible to become a Metropolitan National Sacco member?

  • Salaried People
  • Non Salaried People
  • Business Entities
  • Minors
  • Commissions

Membership Requirements

  • A passport photo 
  • A copy of your National Identification Card 
  • Kshs. 1000 membership fee
  • Recent payslip for the employed

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What savings products are provided by Metropolitan National Sacco?

Savings products provided by Metropolitan National Sacco are as follows:

Account TypeDescriptionKey Features
Fixed Deposit AccountShort term savings investment– Negotiable interest rates on fixed deposits
Group Chama AccountFor groups looking to grow savings through Sacco
FOSA Junior AccountAccounts for children of members– No charges
Dhahabu Investment PlanHybrid fixed deposit account– Negotiable interest rates based on deposit
Normal LoanFor development projects– Effective interest rate: 6.5%
– Maximum repayment period: 36 months
Emergency LoanFor emergency needs of existing members– Effective interest rate: 6.5%
– Maximum repayment period: 12 months
Biashara AccountFor entrepreneurs and active Sacco members

What loan products are provided by Metropolitan National Sacco?

Loan products provided by Metropolitan National Sacco are as follows:

Loan TypeDescriptionEligibilityInterest RateMaximum Repayment Period
M-Metro CashAssists SACCO members with salaries through FOSA section.Existing SACCO Members with FOSA salaries10% per monthOne month
Salary AccountFor employed persons passing their salary through SACCO.Employed Persons with SACCO Salary RoutingN/AN/A
FOSA Personal LoanAssists existing members with ongoing projects.Existing SACCO Members with FOSA salaries1.5% per monthN/A
FOSA School Fees LoanFor existing members covering school fees expenses.Existing SACCO Members with FOSA salaries1.5% per monthTwelve months
Salary/Pension Adv. LoanFor immediate cash needs of existing members.Existing SACCO Members with FOSA salaries/pension10% per monthSix months

How many Braches does Metropolitan National Sacco have?

Metropolitan National Sacco has 8 branch locations as we have listed down below with their contacts.


  • Chai House, Koinange Street, Nairobi.
  • 020 8050993 | 020 8050994
  • 0709 641115 | 0709 641119
  • P.O. Box 5684 – 00100, Nairobi.


  • Reinsurance Plaza, Oginga Odinga Road, Kisumu.
  • 057 2023781
  • 0709 641139 | 0709 641140
  • P.O. Box 3905 – 40100,


  • Masters Plaza, Kenyatta Avenue, Nakuru.
  • 0709 641221 | 0709 641143


  • Marafique Plaza, Kenyatta Highway, Thika.
  • 067 21382 | 067 30691
  • 0709 641188 | 0709 641133


Shalalau-Kiti House, Kajiado.

0709 641200 | 0709 641250


Community Centre, Kiambu Road, Kiambu.

0709 641159 | 0709 641146

P.O Box 871-00900, Kiambu.

Fax: 2022007


Gitungo House, Ngenia Road, Limuru.

020 2378200

0709 641170 | 0709 641137


Chewai Plaza, Off Moi Avenue, Bungoma.

0709 641258 | 0709 641142

P.O. Box 2696 – 50200, Bungoma.

Most frequently asked questions about Metropolitan National Sacco

How long does it take to process loans?

Emergency loans and school fees loans and salary advances are processed within 24 hours. Other types of loans are processed within a month upon approval.

What loan securities are acceptable for a loan?

The loan securities acceptable are Guarantors.

Which guarantors are eligible, and how many guarantors are required for a loan?

A guarantor is eligible if they are actively contributing shares. 5 guarantors are required for one to get a loan.

Can I get a loan while still listed on CRB?

Yes, you can qualify for a loan after verification of your CRB status.

Does Metropolitan National Sacco offer mobile banking services?

Yes, Dial *268# to access the M-Banking service.

How do I deposit money to Metropolitan National Sacco?

To deposit money to the Sacco through the paybill number 944600,

  • Go to MPESA
  • Select LIPA NA MPESA
  • Enter Metropolitan National Sacco Paybill No. 944600
  • Use your ID number as the account number.
  • Enter Amount preferred
  • Enter the Mpesa pin then Click SEND