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The comments section of the website is a user space where they debate and share topical issues provoked by content published by media group. These guidelines aim to promote the forums by ensuring each user has a chance to freely exchange ideas without breaching the law while observing good taste:


Keep it cordial and courteous. If you cant be polite, don’t say it. No SHOUTING (i.e. a few words can be in CAPS for emphasis, but generally posts in FULLCAPS will not be approved). Respect other participants views.


Ensure what you state is based on verifiable facts. Reasonable and defensible opinion will pass. No personal attacks, name calling, libel, defamation, or hate speech.


Do not threaten, harass, or bully. Also, avoid obscene, sexist, tribal, or racist posts. Strong comments shall be allowed if commenting about someone who said something equally forceful or controversial. The comments section is a democratic space; therefore, all have a chance to share their perspective on topical issues.


Since participants in the forums are from mixed backgrounds, English will be the primary language of conversation. Some widely “accepted” slang and pidgin Sheng might also be permitted.


Please stay on the topic set by the article or content item on which you are commenting.


Being able to bring up related items from the past or make comparisons can help you better understand a point. If you would like to start a debate on an issue not covered on the website, please email

Flag Comments

If you encounter a comment on Bizhack Kenya that seems inappropriate, please take a moment to report it. Although flagging a comment doesn’t automatically lead to its removal, it does alert our Community team to review it closely.

Here’s how to flag a comment:

  1. Look for the Flag icon, located at the bottom right of the comment.
  2. Click on it and choose the reason you think the comment should be taken down.

To Report an Error or Provide Feedback:

We value input from our readers, especially when it helps us correct factual errors or improve our content. If you notice an error or have feedback, please don’t use the comment section for this purpose. Instead, visit our ‘Contact Us‘ page for guidance on how to inform us about corrections or share your thoughts.

Edit Comments

Once your comment is posted, it’s final – edits aren’t possible. So, double-check for any grammatical, spelling, or factual mistakes before hitting submit.

We can’t discuss moderation choices for individual comments with readers, and once comments are online, they’re set in stone. It’s wise to review your comment for any errors before posting. While you can’t alter the comment itself, feel free to update your display name and location anytime.

Comments are either accepted or not, with no modifications by Bizhack Kenya. However, if your comment is referenced or partially quoted on or our partner blogs, we might correct any spelling, grammar, or punctuation errors.

How We Moderate Comments

Guidelines for Comment Moderation at Bizhack Kenya

At Bizhack Kenya, our Community team actively oversees and filters all comments to foster an environment where insightful and informed discussions augment the value of our news and information. We welcome comments that are relevant and respectful. Our team makes moderation decisions with care and subjectivity.

We encourage robust viewpoints and critiques of our content, and we readily accept comments that offer constructive criticism related to the specific articles.

However, we do not allow the following in comments:

  • Insults, personal attacks, or any form of disrespectful language.
  • Profanity, vulgarity, or obscenity, including partially censored words.
  • Promotion of commercial services or products, impersonation, or incoherent posts.
  • Excessive capitalization (SHOUTING).
  • Direct attacks on our staff members.
  • Overly frequent comments about Bizhack Kenya’s moderation practices. Our team will regulate discussions to prevent them from being overwhelmed by such topics.

Publication Timeline for Comments

Comments undergo moderation and will not appear on the site immediately after submission. They are generally posted more promptly during regular business hours, with potential delays during evenings and weekends.

Bizhack Kenya holds the discretion to present comments in various formats, including within articles or as part of advertisements. Once approved, comments may appear in search engine results.

Occasionally, a Bizhack Kenya staff member might use the email provided in your account for follow-up interviews. For further details, please refer to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.