From reggae star to murder suspect: The twisted tale of John Matara

ByBizhack Editorial

Jan 9, 2024
John matara
  • John Matara, a former reggae singer and serial conman, is accused of killing socialite Starlet Wahu in an Airbnb apartment.
  • Matara had a hidden past as a musician who released five reggae songs on YouTube.
  • He also lived a lavish and secretive lifestyle and had several cases of violence and fraud against him.

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John Matara, the man accused of killing socialite Starlet Wahu, had a hidden past as a reggae singer who called himself Rebelius Monk. His YouTube channel revealed that he had recorded five reggae songs, some of them solo and some of them with other artists. His musical talent, however, did not stop him from becoming a violent criminal and a fraudster.

John Matara’s musical journey

Matara’s YouTube channel showed that he had released three songs by himself and two songs with other singers between 2018 and 2021. His solo songs were Time Has Proven, Look And You Shook, and System Dropout. He also collaborated with Akae Beka on Tribulation and with Avai Ghetto Massaya on Ghetto Youth Crusification. His songs had a reggae vibe and a message of social justice.

John Matara’s criminal activities

Matara’s music career did not last long, as he switched to a life of deception and violence. He was a notorious conman who targeted women on online dating platforms. He would trick them into meeting him and then rob, assault, or extort them. He met his latest victim, Starlet Wahu, on one of these sites. Wahu was a budding socialite and the sister of Pastor Victor Kanyari.

Matara and Wahu rented an Airbnb apartment in South B for a night of fun. But the fun turned into horror as Matara stabbed Wahu and ran away. The next day, the apartment owner found Wahu’s body and called the police. The police tracked down Matara to Mbagathi County Hospital, where he had gone for treatment. He claimed that Wahu had stabbed him first, and he acted in self-defense. He is now in Industrial Area Remand Prison, waiting for his trial.

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Matara’s lavish and secretive lifestyle

A previous story by reported that Matara lived a luxurious and secretive lifestyle at KM Estate. He was known for changing women frequently and treating them badly. He had several cases filed against him at different police stations, but he always managed to escape. His neighbors got fed up with his violence and forced the landlord to kick him out.