List of All Centenary Bank Branches in Uganda

Centenary Bank Branches In Kampala and Uganda

This is a list of all Centenary Bank Branches in Kampala and the whole of Uganda and their contacts.

Below is a list of all Centenary Bank Branches in Kampala and the whole of Uganda and their contacts and locations

1. Centenary Bank Iganga Branch

Location: JF8H+536, Old Market St, Iganga, Uganda

2. Centenary Bank Bugiri Branch

Location: Plot 117 Grant Street, Iganga Tororo High way Jinja-Tororo Rd, Bugiri P.O.BOX 137, BUGIRI, Uganda

Contacts: +256 43 4250074

3. Centenary Bank Busia Branch

Location: F38V+6JJ, Kisumu – Busia Rd, Busia Uganda, Uganda

4. Centenary Bank Mukono Branch

Location: 9P7V+3H8, Kampala-Jinja Road, Mukono, Uganda

5. Centenary Bank Kapchorwa Branch

Location: 9CXW+CHF, Kapchorwa, Uganda

Contacts: +256 800 200555

6. Centenary Bank Kawuku Branch

Location: 4GQQ+4GM, Kampala Road & Entebbe Road, Kawuku, Kisubi, Uganda

7. Centenary Bank Arua Branch

Location: Plot 3 Avenue Road, Arua P.O.Box 246, Kampala, Uganda

Contacts: +256 37 2260001

8. Centenary Bank Mbale Branch

Location: 35CJ+Q8V, Mbale, Uganda

9. Centenary Bank Mbarara Branch

Location: 9MX7+FGV, Kampala Road, Mbarara, Uganda

10. Centenary Bank Jinja Branch

Location: C6M6+46Q, Nizam Rd, Jinja, Uganda

11. Centenary Bank Masaka Branch

Location: MP4P+9RW, Edward Ave, Masaka, Uganda

Contacts: +256 481 421197

12. Centenary Bank Tororo Branch

Location: M5RJ+XHW, Malakisi Road, Tororo, Uganda

13. Centenary Bank Kagadi Branch

Location: WRM4+RVJ, Kyenjojo – Hoima Rd, Kagadi, Uganda

Contacts: +256 800 200555

14. Centenary Bank Wobulenzi Branch

Location: PG8H+R6V, Kampala-Masindi, Wobulenzi, Uganda

Contacts: +256 41 4663216

15. Centenary Bank Ntungamo Branch

Location: 47F8+P86, New Kampala Rd, Ntungamo, Uganda

16. Centenary Bank Kamuli Branch

Location: W4VF+GF7, Road, Kamuli, Uganda

Contacts: +256 700 403049

17. Centenary Bank Entebbe Branch

Location: 3F46+5PR, Kitoro Rd, Entebbe, Uganda

18. Centenary Bank Ibanda Branch

Location: VF9X+543, Ibanda, Uganda

Contacts: +256 800 200555

19. Centenary Bank Wakiso Branch

Location: 9FWH+H99, Wakiso District Rd, Wakiso, Uganda

20. Centenary Bank Kayunga Branch

Location: MWX3+GVP, Kayunga, Uganda

21. Centenary Bank Gulu Branch

Location: Plot 426, Gulu Street Lira – Gulu Rd, Gulu P.O.BOX 426, GULU, Uganda

Contacts: +256 471 432572

22. Centenary Bank Kiboga Branch

Location: WQ88+Q72, Kiboga, Uganda

23. Centenary Bank Mubende Branch

Location: H96Q+99H, Mubende, Uganda

24. Centenary Bank Kyenjojo Branch

Location: JJ7R+8PR, Mubende – Fort Portal Rd, Kyenjojo, Uganda

25. Centenary Bank Mityana Branch

Location: Katakara Road, Mityana, Uganda

26. Centenary Bank Hoima Branch

Location: C8HX+RMJ, Kyenjojo – Hoima Rd, Hoima, Uganda

27. Centenary Bank Pallisa Branch

Location: 5P94+PRM, outa Road, Pallisa, Uganda

28. Centenary Bank Gulu Market

Location: Q8C2+QFP, Olya, Gulu, Uganda

Contacts: +256 471 432572

29. Centenary Bank Lira Branch

Location: 6VQV+CQ6, Soroti Road, Lira, Uganda

30. Centenary Bank Kasese Branch

Location: 53GG+J8J, Portal Rd, Kasese, Uganda

31. Centenary Bank Kabale Branch

Location: PXRW+QHG, Kabale – Mbarara Rd, Mbarara, Uganda

32. Centenary Bank Kisoro Branch

Location: Horizon Coaches, Kisoro, Uganda

33. Centenary Bank Rushere Branch

Location: QWQQ+GF2, Kiruhura, Uganda

34. Centenary Bank Kitgum Branch

Location: 7VWJ+Q6P, Kitgum, Uganda

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List of All Centenary Bank Branches in Kampala

1. Centenary Bank Ntinda Branch

Location: Ntinda- Nakawa road, Ntinda Rd Kampala, Uganda


2. Centenary Bank Nakivubo Branch

Location: 8H6F+WWG, Mukwano Arcade,, Ssebaana Kizito Rd, Kampala, Uganda

Contacts: +256 41 4507047

3. Centenary Bank Kikuubo Branch

Location: 8H8F+3J3, Nakivubo Rd, Kampala, Uganda

Contacts: +256 41 4258791

4. Centenary Bank Entebbe Road Corporate

Location: 18 Entebbe Road, Kampala, Uganda

Contacts: +256 41 4233456

5. Centenary Bank Nateete Branch

Location: 8G2H+JG2, Masaka Rd, Kampala, Uganda

Contacts: +256 41 4272325

6. Centenary Bank Najjanankumbi Branch

Location: Entebbe Rd, Kampala, Uganda

Contacts: +256 41 4501222

7. Centenary Bank Kabalagala Branch

Location: 149 Ggaba Road, Kampala, Uganda

8. Centenary Bank Namirembe Branch

Location: 8H7C+7GC, Namirembe Rd, Kampala, Uganda

Contacts: +256 41 4345297

9. Centenary Bank Makerere Branch

Location: 8HM8+5G9, Mary Stuart Rd, Kampala, Uganda

10. Centenary Bank Rubaga Branch

Location: 8H23+M4X, Stensera Rd, Kampala, Uganda

11. Centenary Bank Lugogo Branch

Location: 8JH4+25V, Forest Mall, Lugogo By-Pass, Kampala, Uganda

12. Centenary Bank Nansana Branch

Location: 9G8G+G3P, Hoima Rd, Kampala, Uganda

13. Centenary Bank Mapeera Standard Branch

Location: 8H7H+Q7J, Kampala Road, Kampala, Uganda

Contacts: +256 41 4251276

14. Centenary Bank Prestige Branch

Location: 8H7J+FJG, Kampala, Uganda

15. Centenary Bank Bwaise Branch

Location: 9H37+857, Bombo Rd, Kampala, Uganda

16. Centenary Bank Kireka Branch

Location: 9M24+CJ5, Jinja Highway, Kampala, Uganda

17. Centenary Bank Kawempe Branch

Location: 9HH5+M2Q, Bombo Rd, Kampala, Uganda

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