How to Become Uber Driver in Kenya

How to Become Uber Driver in Kenya

Do you want to become an Uber driver in Kenya? Uber is a popular ride-sharing platform that allows people to request rides from nearby drivers. As an Uber driver, you can earn money while providing safe and reliable transportation services to people.

If you’re interested in becoming an Uber driver in Kenya, here’s what you need to know:

1. Create a Driver Profile

To become an Uber driver, you need to create a driver profile on the Uber website. You will be asked to provide your contact details, driving license, and other information about your vehicle. Once you have completed your profile, you will be ready to start driving for Uber.

What are the requirements of becoming Uber Driver in Kenya?

To become Uber Driver in Kenya here’s a list requirements you will need:

  • National identity card
  • PSV driving license
  • Safety screening (Nairobi and Mombasa)
  • Complete a Certification session
  • Profile photo

2. Get the Right Vehicle.

You need to have a vehicle that meets the requirements set by Uber in order to become an Uber driver . All vehicles must have four doors, seat four passengers, and be in good condition. You must also provide proof of ownership and registration.

3. Obtain Insurance

In order to become an Uber driver you must have a valid driver’s license, your own car insurance, and proof of third-party liability insurance.

4. Complete Driver Training

In order to drive for Uber in Kenya, you must complete the driver training program. This course covers topics such as customer service, safety protocols, and navigation.

5. Submit Background Check and Vehicle Inspection

Before you can start driving for Uber, you will need to submit a background check and undergo a vehicle inspection. This is to ensure that you are qualified to drive for Uber in Kenya.

6. Start Driving

Once you pass the background check and vehicle inspection, you can start driving for Uber in Kenya. You can accept rides from riders and start earning money.

How much can Uber driver in Kenya make or earn monthly?

According to Glassdoor salary estimator: The average salary for a Driver is KES 33,500 per month in Nairobi, Kenya, which is 45% higher than the average Uber salary of KES 23,000 per month for this job.

What commission does Uber driver earn or get?

Percentage distributions of Uber Fare? Generally, drivers keep 75% of the fare price for any given ride and Uber takes 25% of the fare.

According to Uber:

Uber charges partners 25% fee on all fares. This fee covers: The use of Uber software. Collection and transfer of fares

Now that you know how to become an Uber driver in Kenya, you can get started on your journey. Be sure to read all the requirements and regulations before you sign up, and consider partnering with Uber as a driver. With Uber, you can make money while helping people get around safely and conveniently.


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