How to Become a Glovo Rider in Kenya

ByTristram Ouma

Jan 23, 2023
How to Become a Glovo Rider in Kenya

Last updated on March 2nd, 2024 at 05:45 pm

Are you looking for a flexible way to earn money in Kenya? If so, becoming a Glovo rider may be the perfect job for you. Glovo is a delivery service that allows anyone to become a courier, pick up and deliver goods to their customers. It’s a great opportunity for those who want to make money on their own time.

So, if you’re interested in becoming a Glovo rider in Kenya, here are the steps you need to take:

  1. Sign Up on the Glovo Website: The first step to becoming a Glovo rider is to sign up on the Glovo website. This will require you to provide your personal information and details such as your name, address, phone number, and bank details. You will also need to upload a valid ID and a selfie for verification purposes.
  2. Download the App: Once you’ve filled out the sign-up form, you will need to download the app from the App Store or Google Play. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you will need to register your account with your email address and phone number.
  3. Schedule Your Availability: After you’ve registered your account, you need to set the days and times that you’re available to take orders. This will allow customers to place orders when you’re available.
  4. Start Taking Orders: Once you’ve set your availability, you can start taking orders. You will be able to see the orders that are available in your area, and you can choose to accept or decline them. Once you’ve accepted an order, you will need to pick up the items from their location and deliver them to the customer.
  5. Get Paid: Once you’ve delivered the order, you will earn a fee for each delivery you make. You will also receive a bonus for each order that you complete within the allotted time frame.

Becoming a Glovo rider in Kenya is a great way to make some extra money and help people get their goods delivered quickly. If you’re interested in becoming a Glovo rider in Kenya, follow the steps above and start earning money today.

What are the requirements of becoming a glovo rider in Kenya?

In order to become a Glovo Rider in Kenya, you must first meet the requirements. To qualify to become a Glovo Rider, you must:

• Be at least 18 years old

• Have a valid driver’s license

• Have a valid form of identification (such as a passport or national ID card)

• Have a valid bank account

• Own a reliable motorbike

Once you’ve met the requirements, you can begin the registration process. To register as a Glovo Rider in Kenya, you must:

How to register as a glovo rider in Kenya?

1. Download the Glovo App from the App Store or Google Play

2. Enter sign up details

3. Enter your delivery address or you use current location option

4. Add address details

5. Enter your personal and banking information

6. Upload a photo of your driver’s license and national ID

7. Upload a photo of your motorbike

8. Complete a safety training course

9. Agree to the Glovo Rider Terms and Conditions

After your application has been approved, you will be able to start making deliveries. You can track your rides, manage your earnings, and access customer feedback directly from the Glovo app.

As a Glovo Rider in Kenya, you will have the opportunity to earn money while helping people get what they need.

You will also enjoy flexible hours and you can work whenever you are available. If you have what it takes to become a Glovo Rider in Kenya, don’t wait any longer and start your journey today.

How much does a Glovo rider earn?

What you earn will vary depending on the total delivery you make but on average salaries for Glovo is Ksh. 40,110 per month.


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