How to Join 2nk Matatu Sacco

ByKenneth Nyabora

May 19, 2023
How to Join 2nk Matatu Sacco

This post focuses on how to join 2nk matatu sacco. A SACCO with a focus on transportation, 2NK SACCO is established in Nyeri Town.

For its effective service transporting both regular fourteen-capacity vans and executive – (shutles) and parcel deliveries, the SACCO has grown in popularity throughout the nation.

Daily journeys to Nairobi, Kenya’s capital, are provided by the SACCO vehicle from a number of important towns, including Nyeri, Karatina, Kerugoya, Nakuru, Eldoret, Thika and Nanyuki, Kitale, Kisii, and Bungoma.

In 1994, when the matatu business was well-known for its infamy, entrepreneurs from Nyeri and Karatina created the SACCO. A group of Matatu proprietors pursued the creation and registration of 2NK SACCO IN 1994 UNDER THE COOPERATIVES SOCIETY ACT with the intention of streamlining the operations and instituting discipline.

Without further ado here is how to join 2nk matatu sacco:

To Open an account with 2NK Sacco you just need to have the following requirements:

• Completed Account opening form
• Original and copy of National ID Card
• Take a photo of from their Branch.

  • Step 1 : Head over to 2nk official website ””
  • Step 2: Click on the Menu then scroll down to find “Membership” option
  • Step 3: Choose “Downloads”
  • Step 4: Select ” 2nk Account opening” Option
  • Step 5: Waiting for the form to complete downloading.
  • Step 6: Go to a nearest cyber and print out the form and fill in the correct information
  • Step 7: Contact 2nk office or submit your details through an email or probably you can visit there physical location.

That is how you can Join 2nk Matatu Sacco in Kenya.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone join 2nk sacco?

Heavy investors in small and medium-sized businesses who are salaried or have a fixed, regular income can join 2nk sacco. Students and pensioners are also provided access to this resource.

How do you qualify for 2NK Sacco?

A participant must have at least 30% of savings in their account. Assets and 2NK Sacco are registered jointly. The maximum repayment time is 36 months.