How to Pay School Fees Using M-pesa

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Feb 26, 2023
How to Pay School Fees Using M-pesa

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How to pay school fees using M-pesa is a question that needs to be addressed in full.

How to Pay School Fees Using M-pesa

How to pay school fees using M-pesa is a question that needs to be addressed in full. The advantages of using M-pesa to pay the fee in Kenya include convenience, affordability, security and flexibility.

With M-pesa, parents can pay your fee quickly and easily from their mobile phones, which means they don’t have to line up in long queues at the bank or school to make payments.

It also eliminates the need to carry physical cash, which is safer and more secure.

Moreover, M-pesa offers a range of flexible payment options such as lump sum or installment payments, which are more affordable and make it easier to manage school fees.

Additionally, M-pesa also provides discounts and promotional offers for school fees payments, making it even more cost-effective.


How pay for NITA Via M-pesa

Benefit of Paying school fees via M-pesa

Learning how to pay school fees using M-pesa offers numerous benefits for both students and parents. It is a convenient, secure, and cost-efficient way to make payments for school fees.

Moreover, the process of making payments is fast and simple, allowing parents to manage their payments quickly and easily.

Additionally, by using M-pesa, parents can save money on unnecessary bank or transfer fees, and refunds are also available if needed.

Furthermore, parents can monitor their payments in real-time, and they can also receive notifications when fees are due.

In conclusion, the use of M-pesa for school fees is a great option that can make paying fees easier, faster, and more cost-effective.

How to Pay School Fees Using M-pesa via KCB ibank

  • Go to M-pesa menu tool kit
  • Select Lipa na Mpesa
  • From your Mpesa menu, select ‘PayBill
  • Enter the business number 522123.
  • In the account number section, enter the school code as confirmed by the school, then a ‘K’( K must be in Capital) followed by the student admission number without leaving any spaces in between and then press OK
  • Enter the school fees amount and then press Ok
  • In order to complete the transaction, you will be requested to insert your Mpesa PIN and then press OK

You will receive two messages from KCB on your phone. One SMS confirming receipt and subsequent processing of your school fees payment from Mpesa and another SMS confirming the school fees payment amount from KCB

How to Pay School Fees Using M-pesa- via National Bank

  • Go to SIM Tool Kit and select M-pesa
  • Select Lipa na Mpesa
  • Select pay bill
  • Select busness no.
  • Enter Pay bill number 625625
  • Enter amount
  • Input Pin and click send tocomplete the transaction.

How to Pay School Fees Using M-pesa- via Co-operative Bank

  • Go to M-pesa menu
  • Select Lipa na Mpesa
  • Select Paybill option
  • Enter Business Number 400222
  • Enter Account Number: Enter the school code followed by # followed by the student number/admission number.
    For example 1059#123456789 (with no spaces).
  • Enter the amount you want to pay.
  • Enter your M-Pesa PIN and confirm the transaction.
  • You will receive a confirmation SMS with the payment

You will get a confirmation SMS with details of payment after which you will present to the school for reconciliation

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay my tuition using Natmobile?

  1. Dial *625#
  2. Under the payment menu, select school fees payment
  3. Enter the School code
  4. Enter the student’s admission number
  5. Enter amount
  6. Confirm payment details and send


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