How to Opt Out Of Fuliza

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Feb 27, 2023
How to Opt Out Of Fuliza

How to opt out of Fuliza is a question that needs to be addressed in full.

How to Opt out of Fuliza

How to opt out of Fuliza is common challenge for many Kenyans. Fuliza is a revolutionary financial service in Kenya that provides an innovative way to access emergency credit.

This service is designed to bridge the gap between customers’ daily needs and the amount of money they have in their accounts.

With Fuliza, customers can borrow up to four times the amount in their M-PESA accounts, and repay it in installments.

Customers can enjoy flexible repayment terms and the ability to access emergency credit anytime, anywhere.

Fuliza is a convenient and secure service that provides customers with financial freedom and peace of mind.

Pro and cons of opting out of this service

Opting out of Fuliza has many advantages. By opting out, users are able to manage their finances more effectively and avoid any unnecessary fees associated with the service.

Additionally, opting out of Fuliza gives users greater control over their financial decisions and offers them the opportunity to explore other options when it comes to accessing credit.

This can help individuals save money in the long run and make more informed financial decisions.

Opting out of Fuliza also reduces the risk of falling into a debt trap due to overspending and allows users to maintain a healthier financial lifestyle.

How to Opt out of Fuliza step by step

The following steps will help you to learn how to opt out of fuliza:

STEP 1: Open your default phone app andd Dial *234#

Next you will see a menu with other Safaricom services including fuliza services.

STEP 2: Select Fuliza M-PESA

In this menu you will see fuliza m-pesa option 0, type 0 then send to continue.

STEP 3: Select Opt out

After you have selected fuliza mpesa in the previous option you won’t be able see the opt out option.

Therefore you will see an option 98 written as more. Select it and send

STEP 4: Select Yes and Send

By choosing Yes as option 1 you will have successfully completed opting out of fuliza service. Meaning if you want to get back you will need to opt in again


How Do I Opt into fuliza?

To opt into fuliza;

How to OPT into FULIZA

  1. Dial *334#
  2. Select Loans and Savings>> Select FULIZA.
  3. OPT in.

How to increase Fuliza limit from 500 to 5000?

Unfortunately, increasing the Fuliza limit from 500 to 5000 is not possible. The limit is set by the financial institution that provides the Fuliza service, and it cannot be changed by the customer. If you need to increase your limit, you will need to use fuliza services more frequently, stay away of CRB.

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