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Nurses Salary and Allowances in Kenya

ByKenneth Nyabora

Oct 1, 2023
Nurses Salary and Allowances in Kenya

Last updated on October 22nd, 2023 at 11:11 pm

A nurse in Kenya is a compassionate and skilled healthcare professional who plays a crucial role in promoting and maintaining the well-being of individuals and communities. Their profession involves providing medical care, administering treatments, and offering emotional support to patients. Nurses also educate people about health and disease prevention. In Kenya, where access to healthcare can be challenging in many areas, nurses are essential in bridging the gap and ensuring that healthcare services reach those in need, significantly impacting public health and the overall quality of life for Kenyan citizens. So, what are the current job groups?

The average salary of a nurse in Kenya is Ksh.70,000 monthly According to Glassdoor. However, Nurses in Kenya are paid based on the category you fall in, so it is always good to look keenly at where you might fall.

In Kenya, the nursing profession is categorized by level of education, roles, and responsibilities and therefore they have been placed under different salary groups. For instance, registered nurses in job group S earn the most around Kshs.136,915 to Kshs.144,220 when it comes to most paid nurses in Kenya. On the other hand, Nurses in the enrolled category and job group G are the least-paid nurses in Kenya earning a total of Ksh. 23,369 to 29,826 according to So, let’s further different job groups in the nursing profession in Kenya.

Nursing Categories of Nurses in Kenya

Kenya’s parastatal for nursing personnel establishes five enrolled nurse grades, seven for Registered Nurses, and eight for Nursing officers. Hence, the salaries of these nurses vary based on their grades, job groups, and designations. So, yes, you should also expect degree nurses’ salaries in Kenya to be opposite those of diploma holders.

Who are Enrolled Nurses in Kenya

Enrolled Nurses in Kenya are healthcare professionals who have completed a diploma-level nursing program and are registered with the Nursing Council of Kenya. They work under the supervision of registered nurses and provide basic nursing care and support to patients in various healthcare settings, including hospitals, clinics, and community health centers.

Their responsibilities typically include administering medications, monitoring patients’ vital signs, assisting with patient hygiene, and providing emotional support to patients and their families. Enrolled Nurses play a vital role in the healthcare system by helping to deliver quality patient care and contribute to the overall well-being of the population. So, what is the salary for nurses in Kenya in this category?

DesignationJob GroupSalary Scale (Ksh.)
Enrolled Nurse IIIG23,369 – 29,826
Enrolled Nurse IIH27,052 – 34,527
Enrolled Nurse IJ32,061 – 38,893
Senior Enrolled Nurse IIK40,326 – 54,067
Senior Enrolled Nurse IL46,683 – 59,644

Who are Registered Nurses in Kenya?

Registered Nurses in Kenya are healthcare professionals who have completed a nursing degree program, obtained the necessary licensure from the Nursing Council of Kenya, and are qualified to provide a wide range of healthcare services, including patient care, health education, and treatment coordination. They play a vital role in the healthcare system, working in various healthcare settings to promote and maintain the health and well-being of individuals and communities in Kenya. 

As an illustration, to attain the designation of a Registered Nurse III in Job Group H, one is required to hold a diploma in any of the following specialized fields: Kenya Registered Community Health Nursing, Kenya Registered Nursing, Kenya Registered Midwifery, Kenya Registered Nursing/Midwifery, or Kenya Registered Nursing/Mental Health and Psychiatry. This credential must be earned from an accredited educational institution. What is the salary for nurses in Kenya in this category?

DesignationJob GroupSalary Scale (Ksh.)
Registered Nurse IIIH39,450 – 44,730
Registered Nurse IIJ42,850 – 47,630
Registered Nurse IK45,425 – 50,125
Senior Registered NurseL50,315 – 54,100
Chief Registered NurseM54,217 – 58,430
Principal Registered NurseN58,415 – 63,415
Senior Principal Registered NurseP85,110 – 119,730

Who are the Nursing Officers 

Nursing officers are healthcare professionals responsible for providing nursing care, treatment, and support to patients in various healthcare settings. They may include Registered Nurses (RN), Nurse Practitioners, and other licensed nurses who perform clinical and administrative duties in hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities.

Similar to other job categories, nursing professionals must satisfy specific criteria and prerequisites to become part of a particular job group within this classification. Furthermore, the remuneration diverges according to the job group. Consequently, what is the monthly salary for nurses in Kenya who fall within this classification?

DesignationJob GroupSalary Scale (Ksh.)
Nursing Officer (intern)J46,580 – 65,430
Senior Nursing OfficerL50,640 – 69,790
Chief Nursing OfficerM54,067 – 76,580
Principal Nursing OfficerN62,247 – 84,877
Assistant Director, Nursing ServicesP96,909 – 129,868
Senior Assistant Director, Nursing ServicesQ112,185 – 129,868
Deputy Director, Nursing ServicesR129,050 – 136,825
Director, Nursing ServicesS136,915 – 144,220

What are the allowances for Nurses in Kenya?

In Kenya, nurses may receive various allowances, including but not limited to risk allowances, house allowances, commuter allowances, uniform allowances, and extraneous allowances. These allowances are provided to supplement their base salaries and help address the cost of living and working conditions in different regions and roles within the healthcare system. The specific allowances and their amounts can vary based on factors such as job position.

Job GroupExtraneousHouseNon-practisingHealth riskCallCommuter

Frequently Asked Questions on Job Categories for Nurses in Kenya

How much does a KMTC nurse earn in Kenya?

A KMTC nurse in Kenya can earn more than Ksh.70,000 monthly if they have completed their studies at the Kenya Medical Training College and have five years of progressive working experience.

How much are ICU nurses paid in Kenya?

The monthly salary for ICU nurses in Kenya is approximately Ksh. 129,000, while theater nurses in Kenya earn between Ksh. 67,000 and Ksh. 197,000.

How much does the Kenyatta National Hospital pay its nurses?

The Kenyatta National Hospital pays its nurses an average monthly salary of Ksh. 68,000, which is determined based on their job groups.

Are nurses in demand in Kenya?

Given the shortage of nurses in Kenya and the variations in nursing densities and skill mix across counties, it can be affirmed that nurses are indeed in high demand in the country.

Which grade is needed in nursing in Kenya?

The minimum grade required for nursing in Kenya is a C+ in KCSE or its equivalent. This grade should also include a C+ in each of the following cluster subjects: English, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, or Physics.