MCA Salary and Allowances in Kenya

ByKenneth Nyabora

Oct 1, 2023
Mca Salary and Allowances in Kenya

A Member of the County Assembly, commonly known as an MCA is a politician who represents citizens in the county government. However, some of these MCAs are elected by the people on the ballot through the general elections conducted and supervised by IEBC. On the other hand, some MCAs are nominated by political parties. An MCA’s duties include legislation, representation, and oversight. MCA just other elected and nominated positions in the government receive a basic salary and allowances. So what is the current salary of an MCA in Kenya?

In summary, the salary and allowances of an MCA are regulated by the Salary and Remuneration Commission commonly known as SRC. The current salary of an MCA in Kenya is Kshs 144,375, which comprises a Basic Salary of Ksh 86,625, a House Allowance which is Kshs 45,000, and a Market adjustment which is Kshs 12,750.

Here is the table that summarises Mca’s Salary and Allowances in Kenya

The salary of an MCA in Kenya is determined by the Constitution of Kenya and is regulated by the Salaries and Remuneration Commission.

The SRC is responsible for ensuring that no public official is paid an amount that is not in line with the economic situation in the country.

Package Amount Per Month 
Basic monthly salary Ksh 86,625
House allowance oKsh 45,000 
Market adjustment Ksh 12,750
Gross monthly pay Ksh 144,375

An MCA also receives a number of other allowances such as entertainment allowance, representation allowance, office expense allowance, and a hardship allowance. The hardship allowance is provided to an MCA to cover the cost of traveling and accommodation for the performance of official duties outside the county.

In addition to these allowances, an MCA is entitled to other benefits such as a pension, medical care, and gratuity. The pension is paid out of the salaries and remuneration commission, while medical care and gratuity are provided by the county government.

The salaries of MCAs in Kenya are set by the Salaries and Remuneration Commission and are reviewed periodically to ensure they remain competitive and attractive to potential county MCAs.

As an MCA you’re responsible for managing the sub-county’s affairs, you’re expected to be well-versed in the sub-county’s economic and financial policies. As a result, the salary of an MCA in Kenya is often higher than that of other public officials. That is why so many fight for the seat despite other factors.

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Who is a nominated MCA and How much they earn

In the Kenyan government, the electorate elects around 1450 MCAs which represent the wards. As you know there are nominated MCA while others are elected. What’s the difference?

Elected MCAs are chosen through a public electoral process in which eligible voters in a specific geographic constituency, such as a ward or district, cast their votes to select their preferred candidate. While nominated MCAs are not elected by the general public. Instead, they are appointed to their positions by a political party.

The specific tasks and functions of elected and nominated MCAs may differ in the following ways:

  • Election: Elected MCAs are chosen through a democratic voting process by the constituents in their respective constituencies or wards. Nominated MCAs, as the name suggests, are nominated or appointed by a political party or other governing authority.
  • Representation: Elected MCAs directly represent the interests of their constituents who voted for them. Nominated MCAs may be expected to represent the interests of the appointing authority, the political party that nominated them, or specific interest groups.
  • Legislative Duties: In many cases, both elected and nominated MCAs serve as members of a legislative body (e.g., a county assembly). They participate in the formulation and enactment of laws and policies, including budgetary matters.
  • Committee Work: Elected and nominated MCAs may both serve on various committees within the legislative body, where they analyze and make recommendations on specific issues, bills, or policies.
  • Constituency Service: Elected MCAs often provide constituency services to their constituents, such as addressing their concerns, assisting with local development projects, and advocating for their needs. Nominated MCAs may have a different set of responsibilities in this regard.
  • Party Politics: Nominated MCAs may have a stronger connection to their political party, as they owe their nomination to the party’s leadership. Elected MCAs may also have party affiliations, but their primary loyalty is often to their constituents.
  • Accountability: Elected MCAs are directly accountable to their constituents and can be voted out of office in the next election if they do not perform satisfactorily. Nominated MCAs may be less directly accountable to the public and more accountable to the appointing authority or party.

What is the Salary of a Nominated MCA in Kenya

The current salary of a nominated MCA is Ksh 144,375 which is the same as that of an elected MCA because they almost perform the same task.