“The Lucrative Leap: From Cows to Goats in Kiambu’s Dairy Revolution”

ByElijah Ludenyi

Jan 16, 2024
Macharia dairy goat farming Bizhack Kenya interviewMacharia dairy goat farming Bizhack Kenya interview

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  • Robert Macharia successfully transformed his small goat farming venture into a highly profitable dairy business in Kiambu County.
  • He specializes in breeding robust dairy goats like the German Alpine and Saanen, producing 60 liters of milk daily and selling it at a premium price.
  • Macharia’s innovative approach to urban goat farming and his success in goat milk production and sales have earned him recognition as a leading dairy goat breeder at the Nairobi International Trade Fair.


In Kiambu County, a quiet revolution brews at Mwihoko Dairy Goat Farm. Here, Robert Macharia, the pioneering spirit behind this venture, is redefining dairy farming success.

It began in 2011 with just two goats, aimed simply at supplying milk for his family. Yet, as friends sought after this unique dairy source, Macharia’s ambitions soared.

Now, his 40×60-foot farm is a bustling hub of activity, home to 78 dairy goats. Among them, the robust German Alpine and the prolific Saanen stand out.

“The Alpine breed is my favorite,” Macharia shares. “They’re hardy and generous milk producers, meeting my needs perfectly.” Indeed, from the 24 goats he currently milks, a remarkable 60 liters of milk flows daily.

This milk, sold at Sh200 per liter, brings in an impressive Sh12,000 each day. Macharia’s clients are diverse, ranging from those following doctors’ recommendations to enthusiasts of goat milk’s health benefits. With its high calcium, essential amino acids, and low cholesterol, goat milk stands superior to cow’s milk in many aspects.

But Macharia’s expertise doesn’t end with milk production. His keen eye for quality extends to the goats themselves. “I choose the best breeds and feed them Boma Rhodes grass,” he explains.

“In urban farming, hay is more practical than green matter.” This meticulous care not only ensures a consistent milk supply but also boosts his income through the sale of mature goats and kids.

Prices for his goats vary, with a young dairy goat fetching Sh15,000 and those in their prime lactation period commanding over Sh50,000.

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Macharia’s dedication and skill have not gone unnoticed. He has been honored three times at the Nairobi International Trade Fair, recognized as the best dairy goat breeder and for outstanding goat production.

Behind the numbers and accolades lies a story of innovation and adaptability. Macharia’s journey from modest beginnings to becoming a leading figure in dairy goat farming is a testament to the untapped potential of this industry.

As more eyes turn to this lucrative and sustainable venture, Macharia stands as a beacon of success in the world of dairy farming, proving that sometimes, the greatest rewards come from the road less traveled.