Securex Agencies Kenya: Products, Careers, Contacts and Branches

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Feb 17, 2023
Securex Agencies Kenya

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Securex Agencies Kenya has been a prominent security provider in East Africa since its founding in Kenya in 1970. Now with offices in Kenya and Uganda, as well as presence in Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Ethiopia and South Sudan, the company has evolved from a family-run business to a team of experienced professionals.

Specializing in cutting-edge security solutions, Securex Agencies continues to meet the needs of all sectors with custom-made solutions. The company is committed to its core values of unparalleled service to all stakeholders.

Securex Agencies Kenya Products and Benefits

Securex Agencies Kenya offers a range of products and services that provide clients with significant benefits.

Their products include security guarding, crowd control, surveillance, access control, and more.

Through these products and services, Securex Agencies limited provides customers with improved safety and security, greater peace of mind, enhanced protection of assets, and improved efficiency.

Their products and services also offer clients flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and reliable customer service.

Securex security Agencies is dedicated to providing customers with the highest quality of security services and products, ensuring the best possible security solutions for their customers.

Here is a list of products offered by securex agencies Kenya:

1. Enterprise Security

Securexafrica believes that the security of your business is key to ensuring its continuity.

Therefore they will provide you with  end-to-end security solutions perfectly tailored for your business.

Key features:

A. Access control

Access control enables you to keep track of the movements of everyone who has access to your building, so that you can specify who is able to go where and when, thus limiting entrance to restricted areas to only those with authorized privileges.

Additionally, it gives you a record of all entries and exits through access points, providing your security team with useful data in the event of an unauthorized intrusion into a guarded area.

B. Video Monitoring/ Video surveillance

Their modern CCTV cameras are valuable for both indoor and outdoor monitoring.

By utilizing their advanced Internet protocol (IP) CCTV solutions, it is possible to keep a watch on your premises remotely, minimize employee pilfering and misconduct, prevent crime from external sources, and engender confidence and trust with customers.

These CCTV systems provide security teams with plentiful evidence, aiding in investigations and asset retrieval endeavors. They present an array of IP cameras that permit you to observe the workplace through your cell phone, tablet, or PC in real-time.

C. Perimeter Security/ Electric Fences

Electric fences provide an initial visual deterrent to criminals, and if anyone decides to ignore the warning, power energizers are able to distribute a non-lethal electrical current to the fence.

This current can be continuous or given in pulses, as chosen by the user. By connecting their intruder alarm systems to the electric fence, it then acts as both a deterrent and a detection tool.

Sensors are used to prevent tampering and if any perpetrator attempts to breach the fence, the sensors will send an alert to the security monitoring centre.

The electric fence is also transparent, yet aesthetically pleasing, meaning that it does not provide any cover for criminals.

There are three types of electric fencing solutions; piggy-back, wall-top and stand-alone. Piggy-back is mounted onto an existing fence, wall-top is installed on a perimeter wall, and stand-alone is a completely electrified fence, acting as the only security barrier.

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D. Metal Detectors

Securex Agencies Kenya is the authorised distributor of Garrett’s top-of-the-line hand-held metal detectors, which are highly acclaimed around the world.

These detectors are able to detect all kinds of objects, from handguns and knives to drugs.

Furthermore, the SuperWand’s 360° detection system ensures uniform sensitivity and pinpoint accuracy in locating weapons and metallic items.

E. Fleet Management

Their Bottom-Line Solution enables you to promptly make sound and effective choices that will lead to real financial benefits rather than complex information.

By providing reliable customer service that is accessible anyplace and anytime, they are focused on reinforcing their relationship with you.

Securex Agencies Kenya utilizes the supplied analytics to control your fleet, and use the practical knowledge to assist your drivers while they travel.

Monitor and manage your refrigerated assets in a timely manner by checking for any temperature alterations and getting alerts by way of email or SMS.

Additionally, their system is capable of spotting doors open and giving information on the location, duration, and time of the happening.

For agro-businesses, the solutions grant access to transparent information regarding field operations and crops.

You can be provided with accurate details about who, when and how the crops were developed.

To complete your fleet management solution, a reliable speed governor with real-time tracking capabilities has been approved by the NTSA and will trigger an alarm in case of over speeding, disconnection or attempted tampering.


Maintenance Management: This lets your vehicle tell you when it needs your attention. And be equipped with insights to troubleshoot and predict mechanical faults with precision. 

Fuel Control: This feature helps you make better decisions on fuel economy, and prevent fraud and reduce fuel cost dramatically. The solution enables fuel usage analytics. 

Driver Monitoring: This Securex features helps you detect hazardous driving behaviours of your drivers. Using a one-of-a-kind algorithm, grades are computed to assess a driver’s performance. 


Delivery Monitoring: Helps you manage your delivery operations. Plan your routes by selecting orders and vehicles and get preliminary routes comprising data on the estimated arrival time and mileage. Use Google maps data for precise address info and routing. 

Real-time Tracking: Helps you track your delivery process in real-time and respond on emerging issues through phone calls or chats with the driver. Get notifications and communicate with the client once the delivery is complete.

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Generator Monitoring: Increase generator operational uptime with the relevant information on the overall generator condition. This solution is situated to all major brands of generators. With this solution, you will get an accurate fuel monitoring and theft prevention, events and alarm management, real-time location maintenance diagnostics information among others. 

Excavator & Fuel Tanks Solutions: The solution enables you to receive real-time location, monitor fuel, receive engine standby hours and understand the overall operation hours for your excavator.

F. Intruder Alarms

Securex Agencies Kenya is devoted to making sure that everyone has the right to feel safe in their own home.

This is why they have developed advanced intrusion detection systems so that you can feel exactly that.

Their alarm security systems integrated with the 24/7 Control Room assistance, enabled by the newest wireless technology, guarantee that help is always close at hand in times of need.

Furthermore, their systems allow you to monitor your home and family from any location.

In addition, these systems support a range of control functions such as air conditioning, lights, electric window blinds, garage doors and more.

They even have the option for setting up their system on the cloud, which makes it possible to manage the alarm and electronics remotely.

Securex’s experts can help you build a customized security system for your home according to your preferences, whether you want a basic manual alarm or a more sophisticated automated one with all the features.

G. X-Ray baggage scanners

When it comes to getting through airport security, one can become anxious when running late and having to go through the entrance checkpoint.

Fortunately, there is a technology that helps the baggage scanner operators identify potential threats in your bags. This is made possible through their 8-colour imaging systems.

Securex Agencies Kenya has partnered with well-known firms to provide and install high-end baggage scanners for use in airports, government facilities and other prominent venues. These scanners are optimized to provide operators with the best chances of detecting threats.

Furthermore, they have a team of knowledgeable technicians who have received both internal and internationally approved training.

H. Explosive detectors

Counter-terrorism requires the capability to detect explosives in order to effectively guard against outside threats.

Securex security Kenya has the necessary tools to meet this requirement, such as hand-held and desktop systems that are able to detect even the smallest trace of explosive vapour or particulates.

They give off both audio and visual alarms when suspect substances are detected and their precision helps to keep false alarms to a minimum.

I. Fire detection systems

Securex Agencies team is aware of the frequent threat posed by house fires and has taken appropriate measures to provide top-of-the-line protection for their clients.

Incidents caused by fire take up 12% of all security-related cases in Kenya, making it a major concern.

To combat this, they have teamed up with leading smart technology companies to equip customers with first-rate fire detection and suppression systems.

This includes fire alarms, smoke detectors, fire extinguishers and fire blankets, all of which are essential for safeguarding a home or business.

Carbon monoxide, which is invisible and has no scent, is another danger that is best prevented with the use of carbon monoxide detectors.

2. Home security

Securex Security Kenya has well-trained and highly motivated security force, together with their trusted technology-driven security solutions, that can help you secure your home and live stress-free.

Home Automations

If you want convenience, control and assurance in your home security, Securex Agencies can provide you with the ultimate peace of mind in the form of their innovative smart home automation solutions.

With your smartphone, you can easily arm and disarm your security system, lock and unlock your doors, adjust your lights, and even keep an eye on your home with intelligent security cameras.

Plus, their 24/7 rapid response service and mobile medical aid is always available through the Securex App.

Security Systems/Audio-visual Systems

Securex security agencies provide a range of audio and video intercom solutions to help you maintain a secure environment and inspire confidence in your visitors.

Their systems are capable of connecting up to 15 points of entry into your residential or business estate, each with an intercom interface, and have these connected with up to 256 houses or offices.

Additionally, they offer automation and integration features, such as connecting intercom systems with CCTV and intruder alarms, to provide an extra layer of security.

Surveillance Systems

Securex Agencies Kenya provides a secure, advanced Internet Protocol CCTV solution that allows you to keep an eye on your business even when you’re away.

Not only can you monitor employee theft and misconduct, but also deter crime from external threats and provide a sense of security and trust to your clients.

In the case of an intrusion, CCTV surveillance provides valuable evidence to aid in investigations and asset recovery. With IP cameras, you can monitor your workplace in real-time on your mobile phone, tablet, or PC.

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3. Personal Security

Security on the move – Securex App
Free and Premium

Basic Car tracking

With their vehicle tracking solutions, you can monitor your vehicle’s movements in real-time.

You get information that lets you know its current location, what route the driver took to get there, how long it took to get there, and how much fuel was used on the way.

These solutions go well beyond simply telling you where your vehicle is. 

VIP protection

In the VIP protection you can have either of three variations of escort service: 

  1. Armed Escort-Where they assign a driver, crew commander, and two armed police officers in a marked escort vehicle. 
  2. Unarmed Escort-Where they assign a driver, crew commander, and two crew members in a marked escort vehicle. 
  3. Covert Escort-Where they assign a driver, crew commander, and two crew members in an unmarked escort vehicle. 

Securex Agencies Kenya Careers

Besides being a guard, you can now build a stable career working at Securex Security Kenya. The company is among the most preferred employer for good pay and ideal working conditions. Securex Security Kenya jobs are particularly well paying compared to their close competitors. Some of the most popular careers at Securex Security include the following; 

  • Sales Executive
  • Security Manager
  • CCTV Controller
  • Fire Marshal

Securex Agencies Kenya Branches and Contacts

Head office Nairobi

Securex Nairobi – Headquarters
9 Riverside, Riverside Drive

Tel.: +254 711 069 999



Adress: Shamo Park House, 3rd Floor
Along Bagamoyo Rd: Dar Es Salaam

Post Office Box: 72039

Phone number: +255-22-2617-933 / +255-0658-700049 / +255-0779-666305

Securex Security Agencies in Kenya Logo

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Who is the founder of Securex?

According to Businessdailyafrica the founder and chairman of Securex is Kishori Lal Sahni, who was born in 1933.