Agri-Preneurs Ready To Undertake Farmers’ Registration

ByElijah Ludenyi

Sep 8, 2023
Agri-Preneurs Ready To Undertake Farmers’ RegistrationAgri-Preneurs Ready To Undertake Farmers’ Registration

Last updated on March 2nd, 2024 at 05:51 pm

  • Makueni County Governor Mutula Kilonzo Jr. launches Agricultural Value Chain Profiling Exercise with 503 agri-preneurs.
  • The initiative aims to register and map key agricultural value chain actors in Makueni County.
  • The data collected will facilitate digitalized platforms to connect farmers with essential services.

Makueni County Governor, Mutula Kilonzo Jr., officially inaugurated the Agricultural Value Chain Profiling Exercise, a collaborative effort involving 503 agri-preneurs. This initiative is designed to comprehensively gather data on various agricultural value chain participants within Makueni County.

The 503 agri-preneurs will undertake the crucial task of mapping and registering a diverse array of stakeholders, including farmers, grain stockists, agro-input dealers, aggregators, processors, extension service providers, marketing centers, and transporters, covering the entire county.

During the launch held at the Agricultural Training Centre (ATC) in Kwa Kathoka, Makueni sub-county, Governor Mutula emphasized that this 25-day exercise is poised to revolutionize the agricultural landscape by connecting farmers to essential service providers through digital platforms like e-extension and other e-services.

This ambitious undertaking is a joint effort between the national government and county governments, facilitated by the National Agricultural Value Chain Development Project (NAVCDP).

It aims to comprehensively register all farmers across the nation. Governor Mutula urged the enumerators to be meticulous in capturing every farmer, ensuring that no one misses out on vital government services.

The data collected will encompass critical information such as the geographical location of each farmer, primary farm ownership, farming activities, and crop agriculture.

Additionally, it will encompass livestock, aquaculture, farm equipment, property, land and water management, as well as financial services.

Deputy Governor Lucy Mulili expressed the timeliness of this initiative and highlighted its potential to inform decision-making and strategic planning.

Meanwhile, County Agriculture Executive Committee Member Joyce Mutua encouraged young people to seize this opportunity to learn from and adopt best agricultural practices, ultimately improving their livelihoods.

This exercise, spearheaded by Governor Mutula and supported by a dedicated team of agri-preneurs, is poised to transform Makueni County’s agricultural sector and promote sustainable development in the region.