Best and Fast Moving Products to sell Online in Kenya

ByKenneth Nyabora

May 23, 2023
Best and Fast Moving Products to sell Online in Kenya

Last updated on May 25th, 2023 at 12:22 am

Opening up an online store in Kenya can be a lucrative business venture. But how do you know what items to sell? That’s the big question. Fortunately, there is a list of best and fast moving products to get you started.

Whether you’re a first-time entrepreneur or just looking for some new merch, it’s important to know the best and fastest moving products to sell online in Kenya.

In this article, we’ll go over some of these popular products and discuss why they tend to be so sought-after by Kenyan consumers.

We will also provide tips on finding reliable wholesale suppliers for your products, as well as insight into the most profitable e-commerce niches in the country.

Read on for everything you need to know about setting up shop in Kenya and selling anything from electronics to groceries online.

1. Mobile Phones and Accessories

If you’re looking to get started selling items online in Kenya, then one of the best and most profitable categories you can choose to focus on are mobile phones and accessories.

Mobile phones have become an essential part of daily life in Kenya.

And because of that,

There is a huge market for phones and accessories to keep up with the latest technology.

Mobile phone manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung, Huawei, and Nokia are all competing to be the top choice for customers.

This means that there is a wide selection of devices available on the market, ranging from entry-level models to high-end flagship devices.

There is also a large selection of accessories such as cases, screen protectors, chargers, power banks and headphones that you can sell to accompany each device.

With the right approach, you can easily capitalize on this growing demand for mobile phones and accessories. By partnering with reliable distributors and offering competitive prices for popular products, you can attract new customers and turn them into returning customers.

With a little bit of effort and some research into what’s popular among Kenyan customers, you could soon be making profits with mobile phones and accessories.

2. Fashion Items: Clothes, Shoes, Handbags, Jewelry

The fashion industry continues to be one of the most lucrative markets in Kenya.

Consumers are continuously looking for items such as apparel, shoes, handbags, and jewelry to update their style and wardrobe.

With the online market booming, selling fashion items is a great way to make money quickly and easily.

Clothing is always a great option for online resellers. Whether you are selling brand name clothing or secondhand items, there is always a high demand for quality pieces that will turn heads.

Shoes are another fast moving products to sell online in Kenya among online shoppers, both new and used.

For those looking for something a bit more luxurious, handbags and jewelry can be sourced from local wholesalers and retailers, or from across the globe.

No matter what you choose to sell, it’s important to remember that quality is key when it comes to fashion items.

Customers expect top-notch products that will last them through years of wear and tear; so make sure your items measure up before putting them up for sale.

3. Electronics: Laptops, Tablets, Computer Accessories

You might be surprised to hear that electronics rank high on the list of best and fast moving items to sell online in Kenya. Laptops, tablets, and computer accessories are all hot items right now.

It’s not hard to see why – the high tech industry is booming in Kenya, and people want the latest gadgets to show off their tech savvy.

Plus, since they’re easy to transport, many consumers prefer shopping for electronics online rather than going out and buying them at brick-and-mortar stores.

Here are some of the most popular electronic products you should consider selling:

  • Laptops: Whether it’s a gaming laptop or an ultra-light notebook for business purposes, laptops are always in demand.
  • Tablets: Having a tablet with you on the go is one of the best ways to stay connected. Choose from models with large HD displays or small screens for basic web browsing and apps.
  • Computer Accessories: An array of different accessories can help maximize your computing experience, from keyboards and mice to USB hubs and external hard drives. Plus, there are plenty of niche items like gaming controllers that have their own dedicated markets.

4. Beauty and Health Products

It might surprise you that health and beauty products are some of the fastest and best selling products online in Kenya. This is because people everywhere are looking for affordable, high-quality products that will make them look and feel their best.


Cosmetics are an especially popular item to purchase online in Kenya as they come in a variety of price points and styles.

From foundation to mascara, lipstick to eyeshadow, there is a product for everyone—and shoppers love scrolling through hundreds of options from the comfort of their own home.

Skin Care

Skin care products are another popular item to purchase online in Kenya.

Customers can find everything from face serums to face masks, moisturizers to sunscreens—all at great prices and with convenient delivery options.

Supplements and Vitamins

Supplements and vitamins are also a fast-moving category for Kenyans wanting to stay healthy while working from home or enjoying the outdoors. From multi-vitamins to probiotics, protein powders to fish oils, customers have plenty of choices when it comes to finding the right supplements for their needs.

5. Home Decor and Kitchenware

When it comes to items that sell quickly, home decor and kitchenware are top of the list. Kenya is a country full of vibrant, creative people who love to express their style and personality in their homes.

Home decor items like wall art, rugs, lamps, and mirrors give people an easy way to add a personal touch to their space – and these are also some of the fastest-moving items online in Kenya.

Kitchenware is also a great option for ecommerce stores. There are plenty of popular kitchen gadgets on the market that make cooking easier and more enjoyable. For example, pressure cookers are a must-have item for anyone who loves cooking but wants to save time.

Blenders, food processors, and coffee makers are all popular too. And don’t forget about the ever-popular Instant Pot!

These items not only make life easier in the kitchen but they also look great – making them perfect for giving as gifts.

6. Fast Food and Groceries

You’re likely in the market of wanting to be able to quickly and easily sell items online in Kenya, and fast food and grocery products are a great example of this.

With the rapid growth of online shopping in Kenya, people are looking for ways to buy their needs instantly, without having to go out and physically shop.

So why should you consider selling fast food products or groceries online? Here’s a few reasons why:

Fast Delivery Times

Fast food and grocery products have short delivery times. People want their orders quickly so that they can have their desired food items delivered to them as soon as possible. This makes fast food products and groceries one of the best and fastest moving products to sell online in Kenya.

Great Variety

There is a wide variety of fast food items and groceries that you can offer your customers in your online store. These include snacks, frozen foods, beverages, baked goods, convenience foods, dairy products, canned goods, health foods and more. This ensures that you always have something new to offer your customers each time they visit your store.

Affordable Prices

The prices of fast food and grocery products are usually very affordable which makes them highly attractive to customers. You can also offer discounts on certain items or even bundle deals with multiple products which will further entice customers into making a purchase from your store.

By selling fast food and grocery products online in Kenya, you can take advantage of the growing demand for these types of items among local consumers and make profits in no time.


To wrap it up, there are many best and fast moving products to sell online in Kenya. Before you start an online business, you should do your research to determine which items are going to be most profitable.

From fashion and beauty products to electronics and home decor, there is no shortage of options. Consider the needs of your potential customers, do plenty of market research and use your creativity to come up with unique and interesting products.

Furthermore, it is important to remember that selling online requires patience, hard work and dedication in order to be successful. With the right strategy and mindset, you can be on your way to making a profitable living selling in the online marketplace.