List of Fast-Moving Hardware items in Kenya

ByKenneth Nyabora

May 23, 2023
List of Fast-Moving Hardware items in Kenya

Hey there, hardware store owner in Kenya. Are you looking to stock up on the items that are flying off the shelves? Look no further, because we’ve compiled a list of the top fast-moving hardware items in Kenya.

As a business owner, you know how important it is to stay ahead of the competition and offer your customers the products they need. And with the construction industry booming in Kenya, it’s more important than ever to have the right inventory on hand.

From power tools to plumbing supplies, we’ve got you covered with the items that are in high demand. So grab a pen and paper, and let’s get started on optimizing your hardware store’s inventory.

Without further ado here is a List of Fast-Moving Hardware items in Kenya

1. Power Tools: Cordless Drills, Angle Grinders and More

When it comes to fast-moving items hardware in Kenya, power tools are at the top of the list. Whether you need to drill a hole or grind away some rust, these must-have tools can save you time and effort.

Among the most popular items are cordless drills– an essential tool for any DIY enthusiast. They come in a variety of sizes and power, with lithium batteries offering up to 50% more run time than other types.

For bigger jobs, angle grinders are the ideal tool for cutting and polishing metal, tile and stone surfaces, while impact drivers can take care of those tough-to-reach nuts and bolts.

Meanwhile, if you need to get around quickly, cordless screwdrivers can help you get through tough projects quickly.

For any home improvement project in Kenya- big or small– power tools provide a convenient way to get the job done right and fast.

2. Hand Tools: Hammers, Pliers, Screwdrivers and Tool Sets

When it comes to hardware items, hand tools are a necessity for any DIY enthusiast or professional.

Hammers, pliers, screwdrivers and tool sets are among the most popular and fast-moving hardware items in Kenya. A hammer is an essential for any project that requires nails, while pliers are versatile tools that can be used for gripping, cutting and bending.

A screwdriver is a must-have for any project that involves screws, and having different types and sizes of screwdrivers will ensure that you are prepared for any job.

Meanwhile, a tool set is a convenient package that includes all these tools and more in one easy-to-carry case.

Whether you’re working on a home renovation project or doing repairs on the go, having these hand tools in your arsenal will make your life easier and your projects more successful.

Plus, investing in high-quality hand tools means they’ll last longer and save you money in the long run by avoiding costly replacements.

3. Electricals: Cables, Switches, Plugs and Breakers

If you run a hardware store in Kenya, it’s important to know what the fast-moving items are so that you can keep your inventory stocked and your customers happy.

One category of hardware items that should be on your radar is electricals, which includes cables, switches, plugs, and breakers.

Here’s why:


Electrical cables are an essential item for anyone doing wiring work. Whether you’re rewiring a house or installing lighting fixtures, you’ll need the right cables to get the job done. In Kenya, some of the top-selling cables include electrical wire, armored cable, and flexible cable.

Switches and Plugs

Switches and plugs are also high on the list of fast-moving hardware items in Kenya. Customers are always looking for new switches to install in their homes or offices. The most popular types of switches include one-way switches, two-way switches, intermediate switches and socket outlets. When it comes to plugs, customers generally prefer high quality plugs that won’t easily wear out.


Finally, circuit breakers are a must-have for anyone doing electrical work.

Circuit breakers protect circuits from overloading or short-circuiting by interrupting the flow of electricity when necessary.

In Kenya, common types of breakers include miniature circuit breakers (MCBs) and residual current devices (RCDs).

By keeping a good supply of these fast-moving electrical items in stock at all times, you can ensure that your customers have access to everything they need for their electrical projects.

This will help build trust with your customers and foster long-term relationships that will keep them coming back again and again.

4. Plumbing: Pipes, Fittings, Taps, Valves and Water Heaters

If you’re looking for fast-moving hardware items in Kenya, you can’t go wrong with plumbing supplies. From pipes to fittings to taps to valves to water heaters, there’s always a demand for these products. Here are some reasons why:

Growing demand for housing

As Kenya’s population grows, so does the need for housing. And with every new house or apartment comes the need for plumbing.

Pipes, fittings, taps, and valves are all essential components of any plumbing system, and as more and more people move into cities and urban areas, the demand for these items will only increase.

Water scarcity

Kenya is a water-scarce country, and as such, people are becoming increasingly aware of the need to conserve water. This has led to a growing demand for water-saving taps and showerheads, as well as more efficient water heaters. These products not only help people save money on their water bills, but they also help conserve a precious resource.

Infrastructure development

Kenya is investing heavily in infrastructure development, including water supply and sanitation systems. This means that there’s a growing demand for pipes, fittings, and valves for these projects. Additionally, as the country continues to develop, there will be a need for new buildings and housing developments, which will require plumbing supplies.

Overall, plumbing supplies are a safe bet for anyone looking to invest in fast-moving hardware items in Kenya. With a growing population, a need for water conservation, and a focus on infrastructure development, the demand for pipes, fittings, taps, valves, and water heaters is only going to increase.

5. Home Improvement: Paint, Brushes, Rollers and Protective Gear

If you’re looking to make some home improvements, you’ll definitely want to stock up on paint, brushes, rollers, and protective gear.

These items are in high demand in Kenya’s hardware stores, so it’s important to keep them on your shelves if you want to keep up with the competition.

When it comes to paint, there are various types available, including water-based, oil-based, and enamel.

Customers may also look for specialty paints, such as heat-resistant or anti-mold paint. Make sure to have a variety of colors available, as well as different sizes of paint cans to meet different project needs.

Brushes and rollers are necessary tools for any paint job, and customers will want to choose from a variety of sizes and styles.

Having a selection of high-quality brushes and rollers on hand will ensure that your customers are able to complete their projects with ease and achieve a professional-looking finish.

Protective gear is also important, as customers will need items like gloves, goggles, and masks to ensure their safety while working with paints and other chemicals. Make sure to have a variety of sizes available, as well as different types of masks for different types of chemicals.

Overall, stocking up on home improvement items like paint, brushes, rollers, and protective gear will keep your hardware store competitive and meet the needs of your customers.

6. Building Materials: Cement, Sand, Stones, Timber and Roofing Sheets

If you’re in the hardware business in Kenya, you’ll know that building materials like cement, sand, stones, timber and roofing sheets are some of the fastest-moving items. Here’s why:


Cement is a key ingredient in any construction project, and Kenya’s growing infrastructure means that there’s always a high demand for cement. Whether it’s for building houses, roads, bridges or other structures, cement is always in demand.

Sand and Stones

Sand and stones are also essential building materials, used for everything from laying foundations to building walls and paving driveways. As Kenya’s urban areas continue to grow, demand for sand and stones is only going to increase.


Timber is another fast-moving item, used for everything from roofing to furniture making. With Kenya’s growing middle class, there’s a growing demand for quality furniture, which means more demand for timber.

Roofing Sheets

Finally, roofing sheets are also fast-moving items in the hardware business. With Kenya’s unpredictable weather patterns, it’s important to have a good roof over your head, and roofing sheets are a popular choice for many builders and homeowners.

If you’re looking to stock up on fast-moving items in the hardware business in Kenya, make sure you have plenty of cement, sand, stones, timber and roofing sheets on hand.


In conclusion, this list of fast-moving hardware items in Kenya is a great resource for both hardware store owners and DIY enthusiasts.

By keeping these popular items in stock, store owners can ensure that they are meeting the demands of their customers and maximizing their profits.

And for DIY enthusiasts, knowing which items are in high demand can help them plan their projects more effectively and save time and money in the long run.

Remember, it’s important to stay up to date with the latest trends and demands in the hardware industry to ensure that your business stays competitive.

Keep an eye on customer feedback and sales data to identify new opportunities and adjust your inventory accordingly. With the right strategy and focus, your hardware business can thrive in today’s fast-paced market.