70 Best Mobile Loan Apps in Kenya Without CRB Check

ByTristram Ouma

Jun 15, 2023
Best Mobile Loan Apps in Kenya Without CRB Check

Last updated on December 4th, 2023 at 01:54 pm

In the post, we focus on the 70 best mobile loan apps in Kenya without CRB check. The rapid growth of mobile technology has revolutionized various sectors, including finance and banking.

Approximately 40% of the Kenyan population engages with digital lending services, a striking statistic surpassing India by 18% and Pakistan by 20%. This concerning trend sheds light on the proliferation of loan applications in Kenya.

An additional study by theafricareport reveals that 62% of borrowers prioritize digital lenders over their own friends and family. This is particularly evident among Kenyan youth, who find themselves ensnared by these mobile lending platforms with little means of escape.

In the past, digital lenders typically extended credit solely to individuals with favorable credit backgrounds. However, a notable shift has occurred, wherein some lenders disregard credit history entirely, prompting curiosity about the reasons behind this change.

This shift can be attributed to cunning strategies employed by these lenders to compel borrowers to repay, even if they find themselves in unfavorable positions with the Credit Reference Bureau (CRB). The motivation behind these practices is purely economic, as high-interest lending stands out as an avenue for substantial profits.

In Kenya, where mobile penetration is high, the emergence of mobile loan apps has provided individuals with quick and convenient access to financial assistance.

These Instant mobile loans without CRB check have become immensely popular due to their ease of use, fast processing times, and ability to cater to the needs of the unbanked population.

In this article, we will explore some of the best mobile loan apps in Kenya without CRB check, highlighting their features, benefits, and how they have transformed the borrowing landscape for millions of Kenyans.

Whether you’re facing an emergency or need extra funds for personal or business purposes, these best mobile loan apps in Kenya without CRB check offer a hassle-free way to access credit on the go.

Let’s dive into the world of mobile lending and discover the top options available in Kenya today.

List of 70 Best Mobile Loan Apps in Kenya Without CRB Check

Without further ado here’s a list of the best digital loan lenders in Kenya offering instant loans without CRB check:

Loan AppBorrowing RangeAnnual Interest Rate
Repayment Period
Tala KSh 2,000 to KSh 50,000 15% interest on the loanTala offers up to 61 days
Direct Cash Ksh 1,500 – Ksh 50,00036% APR91-365 days 
Hustler Fund Range from Kes 10,000 to Kes 200,0007% APRRepayment in six (6) months from disbursement date
Meta Loan Ksh 1,000 – Ksh 80,00048%APR91-365 days 
Branch Branch offers loans from Ksh 500 to Ksh 300,00022% – 229% APRbetween 4 and 68 weeks
Zash Ksh 500 – Ksh 50,00020% – 25% APR7-90 days
Utunzi Ksh 500 – Ksh 50,00012% APR21 days 
Opesa KSh500 to KSh500,00016-29% APR91 – day loan payment terms
Okash KSh1,500 to KSh50,00025% – 36% APR91-365 days 
iPesa Ksh 500 — Ksh 50,000Up to 72% APR91-180 days 
Asap Kash Ksh 1,000 – Ksh 12,00018% APR91-365 days 
Apesa Ksh 500 – Ksh 8,00018% APR91-365 days 
KashWay Ksh 500 – Ksh 60,00072% APR91-180 days 
Fadhili From Ksh 500 24% APR91-365 days 
Credit Moja Ksh 2,500 – Ksh 25,000Up to 50% APR91-365 days 
InstaPesa Ksh 3,000 – Ksh 80,0008-20% of the loan91-365 days 
KCB MPESA From Ksh 1,0008.64% APR30 days 
Fuliza MPESA Ksh 1 – Ksh 70,000Ksh 2 – Ksh 25 per day 30 days 
TimizaKsh 500 – Ksh 100,0001.083% of the loan30 days 
NCBA LoopUp to Ksh 3 million7.3% – 14.1%6-36 months 
Eazzy Loan  between KSh 1,000 and KSh 3,000,000‍‍11% – 13% APRIt offers a flexible repayment period of up to 24 months.
HF WhizzKsh 1,000 – Ksh 50,00010% of the loan30 days 
Zenka Ksh 500 – Ksh 30,000 9 – 39 % 61 days 

1. Tala Loan App (the Best Mobile Loan App in Kenya without CRB check)

Tala App is a leading instant digital mobile-based loan lender, providing convenient and accessible financial solutions.

With a user-friendly interface, Tala offers quick approval and disbursal of loans, making it an ideal choice for those in need of immediate funds.

Tala’s innovative credit scoring system evaluates user data, allowing for tailored loan offers and fostering financial inclusion.

The loan limit goes up to Ksh. 50000 while the repayment duration time is 61 days.

2. Branch Loan App

Branch is a mobile loan app in Kenya that provides quick loans to Kenyans.

With a user-friendly interface, it offers fast loan approval and disbursement, allowing borrowers to access funds in minutes.

By leveraging digital technology and alternative credit scoring methods, Branch helps bridge the financial gap and promote financial inclusion in Kenya. However, according to Tuko.co.ke Branch loan interest rate in Kenya can be 10% or 27% depending on how you pay your weekly installments translating to 1%-21% monthly rate.

Loan Amount (Ksh)500 – 300,000
Loan Term (Weeks)9 – 52
Interest Rate Range17% – 35%
Monthly Interest Rate Range1.7% – 17.6%
APR Range22% – 229%

3. Okash App

Okash App is a mobile-based loan app operating in Kenya.

It offers quick loans to both individuals and small businesses, providing them with convenient access to financial support.

With a simple application process and fast approval times, Okash aims to meet the immediate financial needs of its users, contributing to financial inclusion and economic growth in the country.

LOANS: Ksh. 300 to Ksh. 50,000

Payment duration: One week to Six months

4. KCB M-PESA ( Best Mobile Loan Apps in Kenya Without CRB Checking)

KCB M-PESA loan app is a convenient platform in Kenya that offers fast loans to individuals and small businesses.

Leveraging the power of mobile money, it provides quick access to credit without the need for collateral.

With its user-friendly interface and efficient loan processing, KCB M-PESA empowers Kenyans with financial flexibility and support for their personal and business needs.

Limit: Up to one million in cash with repayment of 12 months

5. Timiza Loan App

Timiza is a popular mobile loan app in Kenya, offering swift financial assistance to both individuals and small businesses without CRB Checking.

With its user-friendly interface, Timiza provides quick loan approvals, helping borrowers meet their immediate financial needs.

The app has gained significant traction due to its convenience and accessibility, making it a valuable resource for Kenyan borrowers.

Timiza offers a limit of Ksh. 150,000 at 7.29% for 30 days.

6. Shika Loan App

Shika is a mobile-based loan app in Kenya that offers quick, genuine, and convenient mobile loans to individuals and small entrepreneurs.

With its user-friendly interface, borrowers can easily apply for loans and receive funds directly from their mobile wallets.

Shika also aims to provide financial support to those in need, promoting economic growth and empowerment in Kenya.

Shika offers a limit of Ksh. 30,000 at 7.29% for 180 days.

7. M-Shwari

M-Shwari is a mobile banking service provided by Safaricom, the largest telecommunications company in Kenya.

It offers a platform for users to save, borrow loans, and access other financial services through their mobile phones.

M-Shwari has gained popularity for its convenience, accessibility, and ability to reach unbanked populations, revolutionizing the financial landscape in Kenya.

M-Shwari allows its customers to borrow instant loans starting from Ksh. 100 to Ksh. 70, 000. With a repayment period of 30 days.

8. Fuliza Loan

Fuliza is a mobile microloan service offered by Safaricom, a Kenyan telecommunications company.

It allows users to access small loans to pay for goods and services, with the borrowed amount being deducted from their mobile phone airtime or mobile money account.

You can borrow up to Ksh. 70,000

9. Haraka Loan App

Haraka is one of those genuine mobile loan apps in Kenya that offers fast, adaptable, and cost-effective loans to individuals and small entrepreneurs here in Kenya.

It also provides a convenient solution for individuals in need of immediate financial assistance, with a user-friendly interface and accessible loan options.

Haraka only gives loans ranging from Ksh. 500 to Ksh. 5000.

10. Zenka Loan App: One of the fastest growing Mobile Loan Apps in Kenya Without CRB Checking

Zenka is a mobile loan app offering fast and hassle-free loans to individuals and small entrepreneurs.

With its user-friendly interface, Zenka provides convenient access to quick funding, empowering users to meet their financial needs efficiently and effectively.

As a borrower using Zenka, you can apply for up to Ksh. 50,000 and return the loan in 61 days as a maximum duration.

11. Hustler Fund( My favourite Best Mobile Loan apps in Kenya without CRB check)

Hustler Fund, a financial service provider backed by the Kenyan Government, offers loans and savings solutions to support individuals and small entrepreneurs in Kenya.

It aims to empower and uplift entrepreneurs by providing accessible financial tools for growth and economic development.

It has the most affordable repayment terms, and affordable interest which makes it one of the best mobile loan apps in Kenya without a CRB check.

Hustler fund loans range between 500 to 300,000 Kenya shillings with repayment of up to 3 years.

12. Zidisha (new loan app)

Zidisha, one of Kenya’s best new loan apps, offers fast loans to individuals and small businesses.

As a non-profit lending platform, it connects borrowers with independent lenders rather than providing credit directly.

It has gained recognition for its impactful approach in empowering local entrepreneurs.

How to Appy for Mobile Loans in Kenya

To gain access to digital loans provided by the loan lender, simply navigate to the esteemed Google Play Store or the revered Apple App Store and initiate the download of their meticulously crafted mobile applications.

These technologically advanced marvels shall serve as your gateway to a seamless loan application process. Additionally, an alternative avenue to avail yourself of these loans can be accessed through the employment of mobile USSD codes.

List of Licensed Digital Mobile Loans Lenders in Kenya by CBK

As of January 2023, a mere 22 digital lenders had managed to secure the coveted license from the Central Bank of Kenya, granting them the authority to dispense digital loans within the nation’s borders. This exclusive group of lenders comprises a collection of mobile loan app operators, each bringing their unique offerings to the table.

  • Inventure Mobile Limited – Tala
  • Letshego Kenya Ltd
  • Natal Tech Company Limited
  • Pezesha Africa Limited
  • Ngao Credit Limited
  • Tenakata Enterprises Limited
  • Umoja Fanisi Limited
  • Zanifu Limited
  • Jumo Kenya Limited
  • MFS Technologies Limited
  • M-Kopa Loan Kenya Limited
  • Mycredit Limited
  • Ceres Tech Limited
  • Getcash Capital Limited
  • Flash Credit Africa
  • Jijenge Credit Limited
  • Kweli Smart Solutions Limited
  • Mwanzo Credit Limited

Final Thoughts on the 70 Best Mobile Loan Apps in Kenya Without CRB Check

Okay, to conclude, In Kenya, there are genuine loan apps in Kenya that help people and small businesses get money when they need it. These loan apps apps are different from regular banks but they still give you money quickly and easily.

Now, here’s the thing you need to know. These apps can give you different amounts of money and you have to pay it back after some time. They also charge you some extra money called interest. So, it’s important to look at different apps and choose the one that gives you the right amount of money and the right time to pay it back.

Oh, and one more thing! Before you ask for money from these apps, it’s super duper important to learn about their rules. You need to know how much extra money they charge you and if there are any other fees. So, make sure you study and understand everything before you ask for money.

Here is a List of all 70 Genuine Mobile Loan Apps without CRB Check (fast loan apps)

  1. Usawa Loan app
  2. Kano Loan App
  3. Upazi
  4. Dolax app
  5. Craft loan app
  6. Utajiri loan app
  7. Zenka
  8. Okolea
  9. LionCash
  10. i-Save Mobile
  11. Lendi mkopo
  12. Okoa Cash Loans
  13. Fuliza Branch
  14. Investor
  15. MB-Kash
  16. iPesa
  17. Kopa Jirani
  18. FlashPesa
  19. Zash Loan
  20. Kashway
  21. Kava Personal Loans
  22. Kua
  23. Palm Loans Kenya
  24. Afrika loans
  25. Mshiko Chap
  26. Kenya Quick Loan Shop
  27. Senti
  28. Hikash
  29. MKash Bee
  30. PesaFlash
  31. Peso Loans
  32. Carbon
  33. Hela Pesa
  34. Eazzy Loans
  35. Fululiza Senti
  36. Stawika
  37. Loanika
  38. Saida
  39. Kuwazo
  40. Fair Money
  41. Lendy LOANS
  42. Umba (Formerly Mkopo Kaka)
  43. UbaPesa
  44. Okoa 0% Interest Loans
  45. Kash Pesa Loans
  46. Fair Branch: Instantly and Accuracy
  47. Top Loan Lenders
  48. HiCash Quick and Easy Loans to MPESA
  49. Loans Chap Chap
  50. Izwa Loans
  51. Fintech Loans
  52. Imarika Credit
  53. PesaPata
  54. Okolea Quick Loans
  55. M-KOPAY
  56. Okoa Pesa pap
  57. Kenya Quick Loans Market
  58. Instant Cash- Reliable Money
  59. Pezesha
  60. M-Kopa
  61. tumaPesa
  62. Duta
  63. Saida
  64. Aspira
  65. Phedha Loans
  66. Tunzi