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List of Businesses to Start With 200k in Kenya

ByTristram Ouma

May 18, 2023
List of Businesses to Start With 200k in Kenya

Last updated on March 2nd, 2024 at 05:36 pm

This article focuses on list of businesses to Start With 200k in Kenya

Are you ready to take your finances to the next level and start a business of your own? 200 thousand Kenyan shillings is a good start! This article will give you a list of businesses that can be started with just two hundred thousand shillings in Kenya.

Maybe you want to be an entrepreneur but aren’t sure where to start. Or maybe you’re already in business and want to expand or diversify some of your investments.

Whatever the reasons, we’ll show you how to make the most out of 200k—and turn it into a profitable venture.

Take advantage of this guide and make the first step towards achieving your goals. Whether your passion is fashion, food, technology, or something else entirely—we’ll provide business ideas that suit all types of entrepreneurs.

What business can i to Start With 200k in Kenya

  • Agriculture and Livestock farming in Kenya
  • Start tour company focusing on wildlife safaris
  • Invest in Transport industry
  • Open a Retail Shop or Hawker Stall Selling Daily Essentials
  • Provide Business Consulting and Advisory Services
  • Invest in Rental Property and Become a Landlord

Here are businesses to start with 200k in Kenya;

1. Agriculture and Livestock Farming in Kenya

Agriculture and livestock farming in Kenya offer some of the best opportunities for business owners with 200k to invest. Not only can you expect a good return on your investment, but you also gain the satisfaction that comes from helping to sustain livelihoods in your local community.

Here are some of the options available in agriculture and livestock farming:

  • Farm produce wholesaling: This business involves sourcing farm produce from small-scale farmers and then reselling it for a profit. You will need to build relationships with producers and market your product to retailers.
  • Horticulture: Kenya has great horticultural potential, and it has long been a major source of income for rural households. With 200k, you could start your own business in this sector, either growing flowers or other ornamental plants locally or importing them from abroad.
  • Livestock breeding: If you have an interest in animal husbandry, then livestock breeding may be another option for you. You will need to decide on which animals to focus on (e.g., poultry, dairy cows, etc.), and then purchase the necessary land and equipment to start a profitable business venture.

2. Start a Tour Company Focusing on Wildlife Safaris

If you’re looking for a way to use your 200k to start a business in Kenya that caters to adventurous travelers, then why not start a tour company that focuses on wildlife safaris? With the right guide, and with some of the most incredible wildlife sightings in the world, these kinds of safaris are sure to be both popular and lucrative.

With 200k, you can start up a tour company that caters to tourists looking for an authentic wildlife experience. You can hire experienced guides who know their way around the Kenyan bush, rent vehicles suitable for off-road travel, and book accommodation options that fit your customers’ budget.

Also don’t forget to invest some of that money into marketing and advertising so people know about your business.

In addition, you could also look into setting up partnerships with other tourist companies as well as offering special packages or promotions.

With some creative marketing and hard work, you can grow your business quickly while providing memorable experiences to tourists visiting Kenya.

3. Invest in the Transport Industry: Matatus or Boda Bodas

Starting up a transportation business in Kenya is one of the most popular businesses with a potential of high returns. With KES 200K, you can start either a matatu or a boda boda business. The matatu takes passengers from one place to another with predetermined fees, while the boda bodas offer convenient and affordable transportation services to individuals or groups.

Here are some tips and benefits for starting a transport business with KES 200K:

  1. Buy high-quality vehicles – Your vehicles are your major assets and you should invest in quality ones so that they serve you well over the years without too many repairs or breakdowns.
  2. Hire experienced drivers – Drivers who know the best routes and are familiar with the roads can save you money on fuel costs and save time by taking passengers to their destinations quickly and safely.
  3. Buy insurance for vehicles – Get insurance for all your vehicles to protect them from theft, physical damage, and liability in case of an accident.
  4. Advertise your service – Make sure that people know about your transportation services by placing ads in newspapers, on radio stations, or setting up billboards along certain routes highlighting your business name and contact details.
  5. Invest in security features – Investing in security features such as GPS tracking devices, CCTV cameras, driver authentication systems will help protect your vehicles from theft and also provide proof of any accidents that may occur while on the road.

4. Open a Retail Shop or Hawker Stall Selling Daily Essentials

Opening a retail store or hawker stall can be a great way to start a business in Kenya with just KES 200,000. Your shop will likely sell everyday essentials like food, drinks, and toiletries — items that people need to buy every day.

Your shop should offer convenience for consumers and good prices for your goods. You could also offer services like delivery or gift-wrapping. Here’s what you’ll need to consider when getting started:


Location is key when setting up your store or stall. You’ll want to find a spot with high foot traffic as well as one that’s easily accessible (eg. close to public transportation). Make sure you also check with local authorities about any zoning laws so you can get the needed licenses and permits.


Finding reliable suppliers is essential so you can restock as needed and get the best prices on goods. Do your research on wholesalers and negotiate terms on prices, delivery times, minimum orders and payment schedules. This will help keep your business running smoothly without disruption in service due to delayed shipments or lack of inventory.


Take into account the infrastructure you’ll need for running the shop, such as adequate shelves/racks for displaying merchandise, storage space for goods, counters, chairs/desks and checkout equipment (cash register etc). It’s also important to ensure that your space is well-lit with electricity and has proper ventilation (for food items).

5. Provide Business Consulting and Advisory Services

Are you an experienced business person who is looking to use your skills and knowledge to help other people start their own businesses? Then you should consider starting your own business consulting and advisory services. This is one of the best businesses to start with 200k in Kenya. You will be able to provide valuable advice and assistance to entrepreneurs who are just starting out.

With a small amount of capital, you can start a business consulting firm that assists entrepreneurs in all aspects of the business cycle, including:

  • Developing a business plan
  • Acquiring funding for the project
  • Strategizing initial market outreach efforts
  • Creating promotional materials
  • Devising marketing campaigns

Your knowledge and experience will be invaluable to fledgling entrepreneurs, and you can even specialize in certain industries or market segments if you so choose.

Not only would this help cement your expertise in those areas, but it would open up new opportunities for growth and development.

Plus, when you offer services like these on a contract basis, you can charge higher fees than with traditional employment alone—making it an extremely lucrative venture in its own right.

6. Invest in Rental Property and Become a Landlord

You read that right! If you have 200k lying around, you could be a landlord of rental property in Kenya. What makes this option popular for Kenyan entrepreneurs is that the demand for rental units is always high. A combination of the rising urban population and limited public housing means that Kenyans are turning to private rental housing to meet their needs.

The great thing about becoming a landlord is that, unlike other businesses, rental property will ideally keep giving you constant returns. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Secure financing (that’s your 200k!)
  2. Research and find an ideal location
  3. Decide on a type of property: residential, commercial, or both?
  4. Invest in amenities and repairs
  5. Set competitive rent prices
  6. Market the property and attract tenants.

This option might require more work than other businesses on this list, but with the right personnel and maintenance plan you’ll be well-positioned as a successful landlord in no time.


With 200,000 KES, you can make a real difference in the economy of Kenya. You can join the ranks of established entrepreneurs who are creating opportunities for themselves and for others. The key is to know what businesses are best suited for your capital, skills, and lifestyle.

The list of businesses to start with 200k in Kenya are just a few of the possibilities, each with its own unique benefits. Depending on your goals and interests, you can explore other businesses as well. Who knows, maybe you’ll create the next big success story from Kenya. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you put in the effort to research and invest in your venture to ensure success.