How to Start a Milkshake Business in Kenya

ByTristram Ouma

Jan 29, 2023
How to Start a Milkshake Business in Kenya

Last updated on March 2nd, 2024 at 05:44 pm

Are you looking to start a milkshake business in Kenya?

If so, there are various steps you need to take to ensure your success.

In this article, we will go over the basics of starting a milkshake business in Kenya, including choosing your milkshake style, writing a milkshake business plan, obtaining start up capital, finding a location and leasing a milkshake space, obtaining necessary licenses and permits, ordering milkshake equipment, marketing and advertising your milkshake business, and hiring and training your staff.

Here’s to start a Milkshake Business in Kenya:

Choose Your Milkshake Style

The first step to starting a milkshake business in Kenya is deciding on the type of milkshake you want to offer.

Do you want to specialize in a certain flavor or offer a variety of flavors?

Do you want to offer dairy-free or vegan options?

Or perhaps you want to offer milkshakes made with fresh fruit or organic ingredients.

Consider the type of customer you want to attract and what type of milkshake you can best deliver.

Write a Milkshake Business Plan

Once you’ve decided on the type of milkshake you want to offer, it’s time to create a business plan. Your business plan should include a budget, an overview of your target customer, a marketing plan, and a timeline for when you plan to open your milkshake business in Kenya.

What is the initial cost of starting a milkshake business in Kenya?

The cost of starting a milkshake business is Ksh. 30,000 to 50,000 approximately.

Obtain Start Up Capital

Once you have a business plan, it’s time to secure start-up capital. There are several ways you can obtain start-up capital, such as grants, loans, or investment. Consider your options and determine which one is right for you.

Find a Location/Lease a Milkshake Space

Once you’ve secured the necessary capital, it’s time to find a suitable location for your milkshake business in Kenya. Consider your target customer and the types of locations they are likely to frequent. You should also consider leasing a space for your milkshake business, as this will help you keep your expenses down.

Obtain Licenses and Permits

Once you’ve found a location and leased a space, it’s time to obtain the necessary licenses and permits. This will vary depending on the city and county you intend to operate in. Be sure to research the requirements for your area and obtain the appropriate licenses and permits.

Order Milkshake Equipments

Once you have all the necessary licenses and permits, it’s time to order milkshake equipment. You will need a milkshake machine, a refrigerator, and other necessary items to create your milkshakes. Research the best options for your budget and make sure to purchase quality items that will last.

Market and Advertise Your Milkshake Business

The next step is to market and advertise your milkshake business. Create a website, utilize social media, and create flyers or other forms of print advertising. Additionally, consider partnering with local businesses, such as cafes, diners, and ice cream shops, to help promote your milkshake business in Kenya.

Hire and Train Your Staff

Finally, you will need to hire and train your staff. Hire individuals who are enthusiastic, hardworking, and have a good understanding of customer service. Train them in the basics of milkshake making and customer service.

There you have it. Follow these steps and you will be well on your way to starting a successful milkshake business in Kenya.