How to Switch Off Instagram Comments When Watching Live

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Mar 6, 2022

Last updated on March 24th, 2022 at 10:04 pm

Facebook just recently introduced this feature. And it’s now easy to remove or hide all the comments and notifications when watching live videos on Instagram.

This feature can help you to remove popping notifications and remarks that people often make while watching Instagram live streams videos on Instagram.

Most often, people want to listen carefully to what others have to say while they are having a live session on Instagram.

But all these notifications and comments keep on distracting and popping on the screen.

However, there is an apparent way to disable comments when watching an Instagram live video.

Here’s how to do it:

How to turn off comments while watching Instagram live videos

Back then turning comments off was easy-peasy.

All you had to do is hit on the screen and all the comments and emoticons would just varnish.

But since the feature was removed, people have been requesting the return of it.

People have been discussing and wondering if would stop seeing comments on streaming.

Therefore, Facebook decided to return the feature. And it’s now easy to turn off the comments and incoming notifications as a viewer.

How to remove comments on Instagram live as a viewer

When someone is recording a live stream video on Instagram, you will want to hear what others are saying.

On the other hand, someone else also wants to comment on the video and as they do so.

You’ll see them on your screen and this tends to be annoying and distracting.

How to remove comments on Instagram live as a viewer 2022

So, when you want to turn off these annoying comments and notifications, just touch or click on the empty part of the screen once.

Automatically this will hide all the comments from appearing on your screen and you will have a nice time enjoying it.

However, you can also prefer to disable comments for a particular live video while still streaming on Instagram.

How to turn off comments as an entertainer/ host

If you want to hide comments on your screen while still streaming live on Instagram. Here’s what have to do:

Long press on the screen until a new tab shows up on your screen. From the tap options, tap or select on the “hide comments” command.

With that done, all the comments will certainly disappear.

Similarly, if you want to see the comments on your screen again. You will long press on the screen of your specific device until a new tab shows, select the “show-comments” command.

You will begin to see comments again.

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