How to Buy Airtime from Fuliza: Complete Guide 2023

ByBizhack Editorial

Mar 24, 2022
How to buy airtime from fuliza mpesa

Last updated on February 4th, 2023 at 09:03 pm

Sometimes you might get stuck, especially when you don’t have enough airtime to make some calls, buy internet bundles, or maybe talk time minutes. In the process, you seem like you have no idea how to buy airtime from fuliza mpesa to fix the situation.

This often happens because you just don’t know how to fuliza airtime from M-pesa and have no clue how the system works.

So, basically in this blog post, I would like to talk about that.

There are various ways of buying airtime from fuliza which you can use to get everything done without many struggles.

One way is using TUPAY technology and the second way is using Pesapal fuliza paybill numbers.

Therefore you can choose any of the two preferably one that serves you best.

So how do you buy airtime from fuliza M-pesa using the two methods mentioned? The TUPAY technique and Pesapal fuliza paybill numbers.

Here are the fuliza paybill numbers you will use to fuliza airtime from M-pesa:

  • For TUPAY use 737373
  • For PESAPAL use 220220

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How to Buy Airtime from Fuliza M-pesa

These are the two ways to use when buying airtime from M-pesa:

How to purchase credit from mpesa using Tupay Fuliza Paybill number

Here are the steps to follow to buy your credit from fuliza via tupay pay bill:

  • Open Sim Toolkit Application, Go to M- pesa menu
  • Select “Lipa Na M-pesa”
  • Select the “Paybill” option
  • Now, enter “Tupay fuliza paybill number 737373”
  • Key in the number you wish to receive purchased airtime and click on “send”

Once you have finished, you will wait to receive a message. The message will indicate whether the ideal transaction was successful or not.

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How to Buy Fuliza Airtime from M-pesa through Pesapal Fuliza Paybill

Here’s your formula when buying airtime from fuliza m-pesa:

  • Open your M-pesa menu
  • Click on the  “paybill” option
  • Next, enter the Pesapal fuliza paybill number 220220 and click or tap “Ok”
  • Enter your account number ( Note that the number receiving airtime should serve as your account number)
  • To finish, enter the airtime amount you wish to fuliza from M-pesa and click send

Thank you for sticking around, I just showed you how to buy airtime from fuliza M-pesa. By using fuliza paybill numbers you can quickly start buying credit from fuliza M-pesa and never worry about getting stuck making those calls.