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List of Printer Dealers in Nairobi

ByTristram Ouma

May 3, 2023
List of Printer Dealers in Nairobi

Last updated on August 13th, 2023 at 05:04 pm

This is a list of Printer Dealers in Nairobi. Printing business is currently one of the most lucrative businesses to run in Kenya in with just 100k as starting cost. And requirements being stationary materials, licenses and shop location.

Printer dealers are now making a kill from the trade.


Most of the printer dealers are located in Nairobi.

Since there are so many printer dealers in Kenya.

However, very few have the required license to operate. Licensing is done by registering through local authorities or through Huduma centres which cost around 10k. Depending in the county you’re located starting costs will vary.

Without further ado here is a list of Printer Dealers in Nairobi

  • Pitronics
  • Printech Innovations Ltd
  • BuyTec Stores Ltd
  • Awesome Sellers
  • Printer Masters
  • Devices Technology Store
  • Dove Computers and Accessories Ltd
  • Digital Store Kenya
  • Tronik Kenya Gadgets Shop
  • Toner World
  • Dukatech Stores Limited
  • FGEE Technology Limited
  • Plannettech Investors Limited

1. Pitronics

Pitronics is of the best printer supplies in Kenya and Nairobi areas.

Location: Museum Hill Centre, 2rd Floor, Wing E, Shirika Co Operative House, Kipande Rd, Nairobi

Contacts: 020 2025052

Services: Dye sublimation printing, Form printing, Digital printing, Colour printing and many more.

2. Printech Innovations Ltd

Locations: Suite 1, Basement Floor, El-Roi Plaza, Tom Mboya Street, Nairobi, Kenya, Nairobi

Contacts: 0704 4450443

3. BuyTec Stores Ltd

BuyTec is one of the leading computer shop in Nairobi, Kenya.

Inside, you will find variety of accessories, including printers and scanners.

Location: The Bazaar, Moi Avenue, Nairobi, 7th Floor.

Contact: 0728997036

Services: Besides printers and scanners, you will find laptops and desktops with their accessories.

4. Awesome Sellers

Awesome Sellers is an electronics store in Nairobi located Kimathi street.

Contacts: 0701 299206


5. Printer Masters- Printer Suppliers in Kenya

Printer Masters is offers printer repair service in Nairobi located at Bhavesh Centre (Basement 1), Ngara Rd.

Next to Ngara Arcade, Opp. Fig Tree Hotel, Ngara Road, Nairobi, Kenya

Services include; Delivery, General repairs & maintenance, Technical support and SERVICE, REPAIR & SALE Epson HP and many more

Contacts: 0700 221221

6. Devices Technology Store

Devices Technology Store is an electronics store in Nairobi located at Revlon Professional Plaza, 3rd Floor, Tubman road or Biashara Street., Opposite Total petrol station, Kimathi Street, Near Nation Center, Nairobi CBD

Contacts; 0718 096560

7. Dove Computers and Accessories Ltd- Printer Suppliers in Kenya

Dove Computers and Accessories Ltd is Electronics store in Nairobi and printer dealers located at Shop 2, Ground Floor, Revlon Professional Plaza, Tubman Rd, Nairobi.

Contacts: 0792 793349


8. Digital Store Kenya

Digital Store Kenya is the best electronics store in Nairobi and also popular printer dealers in Nairobi located at Moi Avenue BIHI Towers Basement 1, Shop No. B10.

Contacts: 0111 043000


9. Tronik Kenya Gadgets Shop

Tronik Kenya Gadgets Shop is an electronics store in Nairobi and also best printer dealers in Nairobi located at 4TH Floor Kai Plaza, Tom Mboya St, Nairobi.

Contacts- 0780 792458, website:

10. Toner World

Toner World is Commercial printer in Nairobi located at Shop 2, Ground Floor, Securerest House, Tsavo Road, Nairobi.

Contacts; 0722 901652

11. Dukatech Stores Limited

Dukatech Stores Limited is an electronic shop in Nairobi and also one of best commercial printer dealers in Nairobi located at Corner House, Mezzanine 2 Kimathi St, Nairobi.

Contacts: 0111 017200, website;

12. FGEE Technology Limited

FGEE Technology Limited is a computer store in Nairobi that also offer printer services and supplies. Located at The Sarova Stanley, Kimathi, Kimathi St.

Contacts: 0719 150150

13. Plannettech Investors Limited

Plannettech Investors Limited is stationery store in Nairobi and also a printer dealer in Nairobi that focuses on selling printer products located at Tsavo Road, Tetu Arcade Building, Ground floor, Nairobi.

Contacts: 0715 772889

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