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Fun things to do on the weekend if you are in Kenya

ByKenneth Nyabora

Jun 12, 2023
Fun things to do on the weekend if you are in Kenya

Last updated on September 4th, 2023 at 01:10 am

This article shows you list of fun things to do on the weekend specifically in Kenya.

Hey there, looking for some fun things to do this weekend in Kenya? You’ve come to the right place. Kenya has so much to offer for an exciting weekend getaway. Whether you want to go on an epic safari adventure, relax on pristine beaches, or experience the vibrant nightlife, Kenya has something for everyone.

Pack your bags and get ready for an unforgettable weekend exploring all the beauty and culture this stunning country has to offer. From hiking through scenic mountains to dancing the night away in Nairobi, a weekend in Kenya is guaranteed to recharge your spirit and create cherished memories that will last a lifetime. The best part is, with so many options, you can experience a new adventure each time you visit. Kenya awaits you, so stop making excuses and book your ticket now! Your perfect weekend getaway is calling.

Without further ado here’s a list of fun things to do on the weekend in Kenya:

1. Go on a Safari at One of Kenya’s Stunning National Parks

The number option of fun things to do on the weekend specifically in Kenya:

A safari in Kenya should be at the top of your weekend to-do list. Kenya is home to some of the most stunning national parks in Africa, teeming with wildlife.

Head to the Masai Mara, especially during the Great Migration between July and October. You’ll witness over 2 million wildebeests, zebras and antelopes traveling across the plains. Spot the Big Five – lions, leopards, rhinos, elephants and buffalos – in their natural habitat. Take a hot air balloon ride at sunrise for a breathtaking view.

Amboseli National Park, at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro, is the best place to see free-ranging elephants. You might even catch a glimpse of the elusive black rhino. Go on a game drive and you’ll likely spot giraffes, zebras, wildebeests and over 400 bird species.

At Tsavo West National Park, you can see lions, cheetahs, buffalos, rhinos and leopards while exploring scenic landscapes of volcanic hills, rivers, and palm groves. Walk through lava tube caves and soak in the Mzima Springs.

With stunning natural scenery and wildlife encounters around every corner, a Kenyan safari will create memories to last a lifetime. Why not make this weekend one for the books? Pack your bags, hop in a 4×4 and get ready for an unforgettable adventure in the wild.

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2. Relax on the Beautiful Beaches of Mombasa and Lamu

Here are fun things to do on the weekend in Mombasa and Lamu:

If you want to unwind and de-stress, head to the coast. Mombasa and Lamu offer some of the most gorgeous beaches in Kenya.

In Mombasa, Diani Beach is a popular spot with soft white sand and swaying palm trees. You can go snorkeling or diving in the crystal-clear water and spot tropical fish, dolphins, even whale sharks. Or just lounge in a beach chair with a cocktail in hand – you’re on vacation after all.

For a more secluded vibe, check out Shelly Beach or Tiwi Beach. The peaceful, laid-back atmosphere will have you forgetting your worries in no time.

Lamu Island is like stepping back in time. There are no vehicles, just donkeys and dhows (traditional sailboats). The beaches have remained largely undeveloped, with empty stretches of sand and mangroves. It’s the perfect place to disconnect from the modern world.

Some fun things to do on the weekend in Kenya:

  • Go on a dhow cruise at sunset and spot dolphins
  • Learn to kitesurf or windsurf in the strong sea breezes
  • Get a henna tattoo from local women at Shela Beach
  • Visit the Lamu Museum to learn about Swahili culture and history
  • Enjoy fresh seafood at the beachfront restaurants in Shela

Whether you want an active beach getaway or a serene tropical escape, Kenya’s coastline has something for everyone. Leave your worries behind for the weekend and indulge in some sun, sand and relaxation. The natural beauty and laid-back vibe of Mombasa and Lamu will rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.

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3. Experience the Vibrant Nightlife in Nairobi

Another fun things to do on the weekend is experience the Nightlife in Westlands and Karen

Nairobi has a vibrant nightlife scene, especially on the weekends. Two of the most popular areas are Westlands and Karen. Westlands is known for its many bars, clubs, and lounges that stay open late into the evening. Some recommendations would be:

  • Brew Bistro: A popular gastropub featuring craft beers from around the world and gourmet pub food. They often have live music on the weekends.
  • Kiza Lounge: An upscale lounge with house and electronic music, signature cocktails, and bottle service. Dress to impress here.
  • Havana Bar: Inspired by 1950s Cuba, they play salsa and Latin music. You can take salsa dance lessons, enjoy a cigar, or sip a mojito.

In the suburb of Karen, you’ll find places with a more laid-back vibe. Check out:

  • The Talisman Restaurant: By day, a gourmet restaurant, but on Friday and Saturday nights they have live jazz and blues music with bar snacks and cocktails.
  • Gypsy Bar: An eclectic bar filled with art and antiques. They have themed music nights, like reggae or African soul. On Sundays they host popular jazz brunches.
  • The Marula Mercantile: Shop by day for home decor, clothing and crafts from local artisans, then stay for sundowners, pizzas and live acoustic music on the patio.

No matter which area you choose, you’re sure to find great drinks, delicious food, lively music and an unforgettable ambiance. When in Nairobi, do as the locals do—go out, stay out late, meet new people and dance the night away. The weekends are meant for fun, so get out there and experience the vibrant nightlife.

4. Learn About the Maasai Culture at a Local Village

Visit a Local Maasai Village

One of the most memorable fun things to do on the weekend in Kenya is visiting an authentic Maasai village. The Maasai are a Nilotic ethnic group in Kenya known for their distinctive customs and dress. Spending time in a Maasai village is a great way to learn about their unique culture.

A village elder will greet you and give you a tour of the village. You’ll see the mud huts where families live, called manyattas, and the livestock corral where the Maasai keep their cattle, goats and sheep. The Maasai’s lives center around their livestock, and the animals provide them with food, clothing, and trade goods.

  • You may witness a traditional dance performance. The Maasai are known for their impressive jumping dances, called adumu.
  • Learn about traditional Maasai jewelry, clothing and weapons. The bright red cloth and elaborate beaded jewelry are iconic.
  • Try some traditional Maasai food like ugali, a cornmeal porridge, and chai, a spiced tea.
  • Shop for handmade crafts like beaded jewelry, wood carvings, and clothing. Purchases support the local community.

A visit to a Maasai village is a unique opportunity to gain insight into the rich culture of these semi-nomadic pastoralists. While their traditional way of life is changing due to influences from the modern world, the Maasai people are working to preserve their cultural heritage and share it with visitors. Spending time in a village and engaging with the Maasai people is the best way to foster cross-cultural understanding and gain a new appreciation for a way of life far different from your own.

A trip to a Maasai village may be arranged through local tour companies and will typically last 2 to 3 hours. The Maasai villages are located near Kenya’s national parks and reserves, so you can easily combine a village visit with a wildlife safari for an unforgettable Kenyan adventure.

FAQs: Answering Your Questions About Travelling in Kenya

Do I need a visa to visit Kenya?

Most foreign nationals, including US and Canadian citizens, need a visa to enter Kenya. The good news is that Kenya offers visa on arrival for many nationalities, including Americans and Canadians, at major ports of entry like Nairobi’s Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. The visa fee is $50 USD and the process is very straightforward. Just be sure to bring a printed copy of your e-visa confirmation or proof of payment.

Is Kenya safe for tourists?

Kenya is generally a safe destination for tourists if you exercise caution. Avoid isolated areas, don’t display valuables, and be wary of pickpocketing in crowded areas. Kenya’s major cities of Nairobi and Mombasa do have issues with petty crime, so take normal big city precautions. Certain border areas and the Dadaab refugee camp can be unsafe, so check current events before travel. Wildlife safaris and beach resorts are typically very secure. As in any developing nation, health risks like malaria and typhoid can also be an issue, so make sure you have proper vaccinations and travel insurance before your trip.

What is the weather like in Kenya?

Kenya has a tropical climate with warm weather for most of the year. The dry seasons from December to February and June to October are generally the most pleasant times to visit, with comfortable temperatures and little chance of rain. March to May is the long rainy season and the hottest time of year. November is the short rainy season, with intermittent showers. Temperatures rarely drop below 64 F, even at night, so pack light, breathable clothing. The coast is hot and humid, while the highlands are cooler, especially at night.

What should I pack for a trip to Kenya?

  • Light, loose clothing like shorts, t-shirts, linen pants
  • A jacket for cool highland nights
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Sandals for the beach
  • Sun protection: sunglasses, sunscreen, hat
  • Mosquito repellant with DEET
  • Chargers and a universal adapter
  • Binoculars and a camera for wildlife viewing
  • A day pack to carry essentials

Have a great trip and enjoy all the wonders Kenya has to offer.


So there you have it, a whole list of fun things to do on the weekend if you find yourself in Kenya. Whether you want to get out in nature, experience the culture, see some wildlife, or just relax, Kenya has something for everyone. Now get out there and enjoy your weekend adventure in this beautiful country. The friendly people, stunning scenery, and opportunities for excitement await. What are you waiting for? Your Kenyan weekend getaway is calling your name. Go have the time of your life and make memories that will last far beyond any normal work week. Kenya is open for adventure – are you?