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Where to Sell Mushrooms in Kenya: List of Buyers

ByElijah Ludenyi

Jun 26, 2023
Where to Sell Mushrooms in Kenya list of mushroom buyersList of mushroom buyers in Kenya

Last updated on March 2nd, 2024 at 05:52 pm

This list shows you mushroom buyers and where exactly you need to sell mushrooms in Kenya.

Mushroom farming has gained significant popularity in Kenya due to its numerous health benefits and potential for profitability. If you’re a mushroom farmer or considering venturing into the business, one crucial aspect is finding reliable buyers to ensure a steady market for your produce.

In this blog post, we have compiled a comprehensive list of mushroom buyers in Kenya, with a particular focus on Nairobi, where the demand for mushrooms is highest. Let’s explore these buyers and their contact information, enabling you to establish valuable connections and successfully sell your mushrooms.

Here is where to sell mushrooms in Kenya/ list of Mushrooms buyers in Kenya

1. Mushroom Blue Kenya

Mushroom Blue Kenya is one of the prominent mushroom buyers in the country. With their wide network and established presence in the market, they offer a reliable option for selling your mushrooms.

Contact: +254 774 187905

2. Richmum International Ltd

Richmum International Ltd is another reputable buyer of mushrooms. Their strong market presence and extensive experience make them a reliable partner for mushroom farmers looking to sell their produce.

Contact: +254 739 262 001 /

3. Mushrooms by ANNE Kimathi

Contact: 0721 443198

ANNE Kimathi is a well-known figure in the mushroom industry. Her brand, Mushrooms by ANNE Kimathi, provides a great opportunity for farmers to sell their mushrooms. Reach out to her for potential business collaborations.

4. Mushroom Guru Kenya

Mushroom Guru Kenya is a trusted buyer that purchases mushrooms from farmers across the country. Their professional approach and expertise in the mushroom market make them a reliable option.

Contact: 0731 079150

5. Jolin Farm

Jolin Farm is a renowned buyer that operates in the Nairobi area. With their vast network and strong customer base, they provide a consistent market for mushroom farmers.

Contact: 0705 880312

6. ELIMA Mushroom( is good place sell mushrooms in Kenya)

Contact: 0725 498252

ELIMA Mushroom is a buyer that offers great opportunities for farmers to sell their mushrooms. Their commitment to quality and fair prices makes them a preferred choice for many mushroom producers.

7. Mushrooms Kenya

Contact: 0705 210033

Mushrooms Kenya is a well-established buyer that operates in the Nairobi region. They have a reputation for providing fair prices and maintaining long-term relationships with mushroom farmers.

8. WEGA Mushrooms

Contact: 0789 513420

WEGA Mushrooms is a buyer that specializes in sourcing high-quality mushrooms. Their dedication to quality standards and customer satisfaction has earned them a solid reputation in the market.

9. DimJim Mushrooms:

Contact: 0736 232478

DimJim Mushrooms is a buyer that actively seeks mushrooms from farmers. They offer competitive prices and have a reliable distribution network, making them a preferred choice for many mushroom growers.

10. Syenta Mushroom Enterprise

Contact: 0710 451454

Syenta Mushroom Enterprise is a buyer with a strong presence in the market. They value partnerships with mushroom farmers and ensure fair deals and timely payments.

11. Icara Farms

Contact: +254 722 285 017

Icara Farms is a well-established buyer that purchases mushrooms from farmers across the country. They have a solid reputation and are known for their reliability and professionalism.

12. Grand African Mushrooms

Contact: 0712 244692

Grand African Mushrooms is a buyer that focuses on high-quality mushrooms. They provide a consistent market for farmers and ensure fair prices for their produce.

13. High Garden Mushrooms( another best place to sell mushrooms in Kenya)

Contact: 0717 225431

High Garden Mushrooms is a reputable buyer that actively sources mushrooms from farmers. They have a dedicated customer base and prioritize maintaining relationships with mushroom farmers to ensure a steady supply of quality mushrooms.

14. Mama’s Mushrooms

Contact: 0719 221707

Mama’s Mushrooms is a buyer known for their commitment to supporting local mushroom farmers. They offer fair prices and have a strong customer base that values their high-quality mushrooms.

15. Mush-tech Mushrooms

Contact: 0716 867422

Mush-tech Mushrooms is a buyer that emphasizes technological advancements in mushroom cultivation. They are interested in sourcing mushrooms from farmers who implement innovative farming practices and offer competitive prices.

Conclusion on list best mushroom buyers in Kenya

Finding reliable buyers is essential for the success of mushroom farmers in Kenya.

The list above comprises a range of reputable mushroom buyers, including Mushroom Blue Kenya, Richmum International Ltd, Mushrooms by ANNE Kimathi, Mushroom Guru Kenya, Jolin Farm, ELIMA Mushroom, Mushrooms Kenya, WEGA Mushrooms, DimJim Mushrooms, Syenta Mushroom Enterprise, Icara Farms, Grand African Mushrooms, High Garden Mushrooms, Mama’s Mushrooms, and Mush-tech Mushrooms.

While the highest demand for mushrooms is in Nairobi, these buyers operate across the country, offering opportunities for farmers from different regions.

Remember to establish a direct connection with the buyers, understand their specific requirements, and build mutually beneficial relationships to ensure a steady market for your mushroom produce.